SR20VET by Mazworx

The SR20VET is probably one of the most underated engines in the World, as standard the engine makes 276bhp at half a bar. Mazworx have the parts and experience you need to take your VE to the limit Visit for more information and links to tuners and part manufacturers

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Abel's SR20VET S13
On my trip to the states I was fortunate enough to ride in Abel's SR20VET powered S13. It has run 9.8 @ 143mph with a Z32 box, and this was one of his first road tests with the new Jerico 4 speed. This thing melts the 275 ET Street radials on the street with ease and should definitely put a huge dent in his ET with the new box. The gearbox tunnel is a work in progress and the residents of LA's streets didn't seem to mind the side pipe either.

Mazworx / Hummy New S15 SR20VET 7.94@164 MPH NEW PERSONAL RECORD (VS) Kako Racing Datsun (Problems)
Full Chassis Drag Nissan Silvia S15 SR20VET project being built by Mazworx managed to achieve a NEW PERSONAL BEST of 7.94 @ 164 MPH at the Dragmania Event in Orlando with 1.000 Reaction Time, an amazing 1.08 60ft , 3.17 330ft , 4.99 @ 134 MPH in the 1/8 Mile and 6.58 in the 1000ft Mark and a ET 7.94 @ 164 MPH in the 1/4 Mile / 1320 ft. Now to make it more exciting this was against the Great ''KAKO RACING SR20 DATSUN'' , Very memorable pass it probably has been for Hummy to do his first 7 Second pass against Kako !!! Kako of course had problems on this pass and has had a few problems the last time he ran also. So Congratulations to the crew and time down go down deeper in the 7's Hummy !!!

Rezlo Racing S14 SR20VET circuit race - Practice Scribante

Sr20vet first start up
Sr20store fully built sr20vet first time start up.