Ford Granada 2.8i Turbo

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Granada Turbo Handling
Ford Granada turbo on the handling circuit at TOTB 8

Ford Scorpio 2.8 TwinTurbo
2X Garret GT37 in -86 Ford Scorpio EFI V6 4x4 with Megasquirt."EDIT"- Nowdays Scorpio chassis with permits for the two turbos without any horsepowerlimits(A-papers) is for sale in Finland, and the engine with just one Garrett GT37 has found a new home in a Sierra -83 XR4i that i have had for many years now...

Ford granada turbo
Home built an restored 1982 granada mk2 2.3 gl. Now running a 2.8 carb fed turbo and sat 4" lower than stock and with a genuine( not ford quoted power taken at the flywheel with no ancillaries) 152 bhp and 176 lbs of torque at the rear wheels proven at ht racing in brands hatch

Ford Granada 5.0 supercharger v8 (1080p)
Granada v8 supercharged Ford 5.0 302 Windsor from a fox body Mustang Vortech v3 sci Supercharger Aem Ems Tko 600 transmission Fully Exhaust no cats more photos and info