Ford Granada 2.8i Turbo

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Granada Turbo Handling
Ford Granada turbo on the handling circuit at TOTB 8

Ford Scorpio 2.8 TwinTurbo
2X Garret GT37 in -86 Ford Scorpio EFI V6 4x4 with Megasquirt."EDIT"- Nowdays Scorpio chassis with permits for the two turbos without any horsepowerlimits(A-papers) is for sale in Finland, and the engine with just one Garrett GT37 has found a new home in a Sierra -83 XR4i that i have had for many years now...

Ford Granada rebuild part 1
after 15 years of ownership .....its time to rebuild it

Ford granada turbo
Home built an restored 1982 granada mk2 2.3 gl. Now running a 2.8 carb fed turbo and sat 4" lower than stock and with a genuine( not ford quoted power taken at the flywheel with no ancillaries) 152 bhp and 176 lbs of torque at the rear wheels proven at ht racing in brands hatch