Waterfest Chilis Shenanigans

Burnout Fun at Chilis In NJ

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Waterfest 18 weekend (Go Pro)
Tried to film our weekend as much as i could and get some shots from the actually show! Sorry for the shaky camera haha Instagram - Mk4_Problems Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1016554099 Twitter - https://twitter.com/#!/EthanWinkler

2016 Sucked | LosGoonies
A small view of what took place in 2016. it sucked!. Song Run The Jewels - Legend has it. filmed and edited by Kenny Cano of LosGoonies IG - @LosGoonies @KennyCano Awake.

MTL to waterfest 14
pic's and video of drive down and the show

My Official H20 International 09 Video (Extended Version)
Heres is My Official Video for H20 International 2009 I Filmed this Being a BMW Enthusiast but a lover of all types of Motorsport being Show to Drift This was an Event that should not be missed, I had an amazing time hope you all enjoy the video Filmed Edited and Colored by Kenny Cano of LocalSceneMedia.com and Kennycano.com Special thanks To Mike Gregory and Steve Nawrocki (BSAINTMEDIA.com) for helping with this video.