Sinister Sand Sports SR2 walk around

just a quick walk around of the new hayabusa powered SR2

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Sinister Sand Sports slide show
Slide show of previous year models as well as the new SR2 model, powerplant is the 1300 hayabusa engine with custom reverse diff..

Short Sand Cars labor day 09 little saharah dunes UTAH
little saharah UT labor day weekend 2009

SR2 Turbo hayabusa from Sinister Sand Sports
First shake down run with a 400+ turbo motor with dual Boost controls. turbo was only set at 8 pounds for first test run and the rail never got out of 4th. gear out of 6. The shocks still need a lot of adjustments, but the second shake down run is in 2 weeks with more cameras and a chase rail. Please visit for more pics and info.

First drive of turbo busa SXR sandrail from Sinister Sand Sports
Just got this car running and this is a very quick pass up the street. Nothing super exciting and I need to do a little tuning. Will be taking it out to the sand shortly for a real shakedown run and some better footage