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1937 Harley Flathead reaches speed of 148mph at Bonneville

Paul Friebus of American Cycle Fabrication sets a Land Speed Record on his 1937 Harley Flathead at Bonneville 2009. His fastest speed was 148.166mph making it the fastest naturally aspirated Flathead at Bonneville.


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The World's Fastest Harley WL 45
A compilation of three years of footage featuring the Thunder Road Harley flathead 45 at the Bonneville Speed Trials by BUB.

Parnell"s Harley @ Bonneville Salt Flats WOS 2009
Spining and backing out of thottle @ 141 mph just after shifting to 5th.......... Salt was slick as mash' taters on a styrofoam plate... ;-) Parnell

Flathead Harley Racer
Thunder Road Racing out of Winnipeg, Canada will be running a Supercharger on their 48 Harley WL Bonneville racer at the 2011 BUB speed trials. This will be Thunder Road Racing's seventh trip to Bonneville and the sixth time for the little WL. The blower makes a huge increase in power...

Harley Wla Flathead 45" "Woodi Bobber"
Hillbilly Motorcycles Flathead 45" Woodi Bobber

1948 WL Harley-Davidson at Bonneville in 2010
Ted Hector riding his stroked-out flathead to another land speed record on the salt.

Darracq V8 1905 Land speed record holder
This is the engine out of the 1905 Darracq The engine is the original but the car is a replica It is a V8 of over 25 Litres capacity (approx 1550 Cubic inches)used in the setting of the land speed record of about 108MPH (174KPH) in 1905 To find out more about this remarkable vehicle http://www.darracq-v8.co.uk/

Harley Davidson Flathead On The Road
harley davidson silnik wla, skrzynia triumph, rama sztywna

transmition primary in action by HD Flathead UL Bobber


Harley Davidson Engine Exploded Flathead
This was filmed at the Harley Museum in Milwaukee

Documentary: Land Speed Racing at El Mirage Part - 1
• See our Motor-sports Art: http://www.owenartstudios.com See El Mirage Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Li3gwoLXmk El Mirage dry lake event in May 2008. Southern California Timing Association (S.C.T.A.) puts on a great show before the Bonneville meet. Burt Munro-type motorcycle streamliners, lakesters, hot rods, cars and trucks going fast on the Mojave Desert. Thanks for watching -- Beacham Owen and Tom Tuten. Visit the studio - SEE the ART and RACING Photos: http://www.owenartstudios.com El Mirage and S.C.T.A.: http://www.scta-bni.org/

Royal Enfield Bonneville Racer 1
Royal Enfield Bonneville Racer getting ready to attempt a land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats

Harley-Davidson Racing - " Don't stop Rock' n' Roll " GL BAND
Racers Flathead , Boardtrack Racers and Bill Carbu

1942 HARLEY-DAVIDSON FLATHEAD 45 Not For Sale Drager's International Clasiccs Sales 206-533-9600
I like this bike. It's just fun to look at. This bike would look great in anyones garage but even better in an office or the company's foyer. The look and the workmanship are outstanding. This is how 50's bikes where set up in the early 50's. They were called Bobbers and Squirrel bikes. Clean and simple. It's set up to ride. Check out all the info below. OEM H/D 45 solo frame, repro front forks (fully disassembled and properly re-fitted), h/bars (NOS switches) and h/lamp with NOS Guide lens. Engine:  NOS crankcases, cam cover, cylinders and alloy heads.                 New Truet & Osborn 5/8" stroker flywheels trued and balanced                 Cylinders honed .010" for a displacement of approx 900 cc's or 54ci.                 NOS connecting rods, crankshafts and crankpin                 NOS bearing rollers and cages                 NOS oil supply and scavenging pumps, modified breather rotor for stroker                 New Arias forged aluminum pistons and lightweight pins                 Cylinders ported and relieved per period H/D factory racing specs                 NOS H/D Exhaust valves, lightened                 New 235 Chevy 6-cylinder inlet valves (oversized), lightened, modified stems                 Hardened valve seat inserts                 NOS roller tappets and tappet blocks                 NOS valve springs                 Stock cams reground to street performance grind by Jim Leinweber w/ new pinions                 Assembly fully blueprinted with tightened piston-to-head squish clearance (increased throttle response)                 Belt drive primary, OEM oiler closed off, Big Bearing roller bearing kit in clutch                 NOS Exhaust headers, repro muffler                 New Morris magneto w/key switch                 New 12 volt generator w/ electronic voltage regulator Trans:    3-speed w/reverse (for possible side car use) ALL NOS H/D, case, covers, all internals etc.  Hubs, brakes, etc. all new NOS H/D or restored excellent used H/D. Wheel rims are new polished alloys w/ polished s/s spokes and nipples. New Dunlop K70 tires 3.50-19 and 4.00-18. Tanks are new repro, and are actually better quality than H/D originals.  NOS 'Streck' caps. Repro dash w/ restored correct  OEM H/D speedo. Repro solo seat with NOS seat post, bushing and spring pack. Rear chain must be oiled by hand. OEM auto oiler blocked off to prevent nasty oil mess. Fenders custom made from '36 Ford spare tire cover band.  Old school bobber style. NOS 50's Sparta tail lamp. Bike is painted in PPG Concept urethane. Over $25,000 in parts, 3+ years in labor.  Major attention to detail, with proper fitment and assembly is overwhelmingly evident on this motorcycle. All receipts and build info are included. Cond . # 1-. Drager's International Classic Sales 18805 Aurora Ave. N. Seattle WA 98133 206-533-9600 Fax 206-542-0171 Email dragers@mac.com Drager's believes that it is very important to personally inspect the vehicle you are interested in. If you cannot inspect it yourself you should hire an inspector. Here are two very knowledgeable old car appraisers you can contact. John Kincl (360) 895-1766 and/or Lance Lambert (206) 362-2530 We use Concours Transport Fred has done a great job for us over the years. Fred will do a great job for you. Check out his web page. Fred Koller Concours Transport 2078 Ponticello DR. Henderson NV 89052 (702) 361-1928 Email  fredwkoller@gmail.com The State of Washington says we can charge a negotiable documentary service fee of up to $150.00. This documentary service fee cover costs such as trip permits and FedEx costs.  We charge a $50.00 documentary service fee for instate and $100.00 documentary service fee for out of state sales on top of the selling price. We sell all of our vehicles AS IS, NO WARRANTY. We check them over, we do a report card and we grade and decode each vehicle. We have them serviced and safety checked. We try very hard to tell you everything that we know. We give you lots of photos and video so you can see the vehicles very well. We have been in classic sales for more than 30 years. Jeri Drager 206-533-9600 Andrew Drager 206-459-3403

Harley WLC 1943 Flathead Starting
Start Harley Flathead Baujahr 1943

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