1937 Harley Flathead reaches speed of 148mph at Bonneville

Paul Friebus of American Cycle Fabrication sets a Land Speed Record on his 1937 Harley Flathead at Bonneville 2009. His fastest speed was 148.166mph making it the fastest naturally aspirated Flathead at Bonneville.

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The World's Fastest Harley WL 45
A compilation of three years of footage featuring the Thunder Road Harley flathead 45 at the Bonneville Speed Trials by BUB.

1938 Harley Davidson Flathead Turbo Bonneville Racer
Dyno Tuning David Pilgrims 1938 Harley Davidson flathead turbo. Motor Built by American Cycle Fab.

83 year old sets Land Speed Record on Harley Flathead
Henry Friebus sets Land Speed Record on his 83rd birthday at Bonneville Speed Week 2008 on a 1937 Harley Davidson Flathead

David Pilgrim and His Blazingly Fast Panhead
David Pilgrim of Rockport, Texas, has set numerous Land Speed records with his 1950 Panhead motor at Bonneville Speedway. This isnt a 120 cubic inch aftermarket Panhead this is the real deal -- it meets all the requirements set by SCTA to race in the Vintage Class. The motor was built by Paul Friebus of American Cycle Fabrication, who also races at Bonneville and has set a Land Speed records on his 1937 Harley Davidson. Pilgrim owns four motors built by Paul Friebus, three of which are record setters. Pilgrim has set numerous world speed records in excess of 140 MPH on motorcycles, and also holds a 236.664 mph record in his Chevy Corvette. Girl Wonder interviewed Pilgrim at the impound area for record setting vehicles.