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1937 Harley Flathead reaches speed of 148mph at Bonneville

Paul Friebus of American Cycle Fabrication sets a Land Speed Record on his 1937 Harley Flathead at Bonneville 2009. His fastest speed was 148.166mph making it the fastest naturally aspirated Flathead at Bonneville.


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Harley Davidson WLC time-lapse restoration
We had located this Harley Davidson WLC in Europe - it was barely running and whoever had tried to restore or maintain it had done a pretty poor job. Nearly every part and component was incorrect and only seemed to get worse the more we took it to pieces. However as you will see, with our depth of knowledge and expertise we were able to restore and refurbish the bike and rebuild the engine and gearbox back to the highest standard. We had already sold the bike before we commenced the restoration, so when it was finished we then dressed it as per our clients requirements. We chose this restoration as our first time-lapse project as we knew that the time to complete the job was the shortest. The filming took place over the period of about 1 month in the Autumn of 2013 at our workshop in West Sussex. For more of our projects you can find us as follows; Website: http://www.rie-store.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RieStoreLtd Twitter: https://twitter.com/RiE_Store Mechanical engineering geniuses: Ashton Dyer / Peter Martyn-Smith With thanks to Bedlam Media for the production and music

Malaysian Batpod by Eastern Bobber
Eastern Bobber are bike buider based in Malaysia. We build, we modify, we sell. Visit Eastern Bobber facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eastern-Bobber/361567050534195 Own by bike enthusiasm.

How to MOD a Flat-Head Briggs For Offroading
There are many ways to get more torque and power out of a small engine without removing the governor, here are some of my techniques. INFO/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- MY OFF-ROAD LAWN MOWER TRACTOR: Craftsman LT1000 (2002?) ENGINE: Briggs I/C 16.5 HP Cast Iron Sleeve REAR END: MST-206 (6 Speed)Peerless Transaxle TOP SPEED: 11 MPH (17.7 KM/H) RATIO(Before Tranny): 1.3:1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- MY WELDER: Clarke Weld 130 MIG Gas/No Gas HAND TOOL OF CHOICE: Craftsman ENGINE OF CHOICE: Briggs and Stratton

This is a cold start of a 1940 Harley model 45. At first there wasn't enough fuel to start it, but after putting some more fuel in it started right up. It didn't run great, probably needed the filters cleaned and it is 70 years old.

Rare Classic Harley 8 Valve Racer Motorcycle - Dave Fusiak
Shot this footage of Dave Fusiak's rare 1916 8-valve Harley racer replica during a break in the action of the Motorcycle Cannonball. Dave shows how to start this very rare machine.

The World's Fastest Harley WL 45
A compilation of three years of footage featuring the Thunder Road Harley flathead 45 at the Bonneville Speed Trials by BUB.

Harley-Davidson Racing - " Don't stop Rock' n' Roll " GL BAND
Racers Flathead , Boardtrack Racers and Bill Carbu

Harley Davidson WLA Civilian and Military
For better quality watch in HD! Check up the rest of our vintage Harley and Indian motorcycle's videos on my channel.

MUST HEAR engine sound Pre War Nitro burning flathead 1932 AV8 Ford hot rod race car
This roadster was originally built in 1937 by Sandy Belond and Sam Hanks to race on the SoCal dry lakes. My friends always kid me saying it isn't authentic until you run like he did on nitro; Cheers guys, 58% Methanol 20% Nitro 20% Gas 2% castro oil. This fuel made it possible for Belond to run 125.854 mph in 1942 at a REVS meet held at Muroc; argueably the fastest speed ever by a pre-war hot rod roadster.

1946 Harley Davidson Knucklehead COLD START
This 1946 Knucklehead Bobber is a cool bike. The correct starting procedure is used to start a very cold bike. The machine does not catch on the first ignition kick but follows through on the 3rd ignition kick ands idles right out. Out the driveway and down the street, this bad boy wants to run!

The Pace That Thrills vintage motorcycle racing
pace thrills Vintage classic motorcycle motorbike bike cycle desert sled brit iron old thumper racing tt flat track

Harley WLC 1943 Flathead Starting
Start Harley Flathead Baujahr 1943

Kicking Flathead '48

kick start a Harley 1942 WLA Flathead bobber
The Blue Shmoo. Attempting to kick start a Harley 1942 WLA Flathead bobber. Hasn't been registered or run since last rego in 1998. Old over 10 year old 6v battery needed some water and somehow managed to hold a charge. Drained old petrol out of tank and filled with new fuel. Removed bowl bolt from carb and purged carb with fresh fuel. Filled up the oil tank and purged oil line (loosed oil line into oil pump to remove air) removed plugs and cleaned and sprayed some wd40 down the bores before kicking over. Placed hand over carb and gave three prime kicks, turned ignition on and gave her a few kicks and away she went. Unbelievable! Idles nice and smooth, like it was run yesterday. from wikipedia Big V-twins F-head, also known as JD, pocket valve and IOE (intake over Exhaust), 1914--1929 (1,000 cc), and 1922--1929 (1,200 cc) Flathead, 1930--1948 (1,200 cc) and 1935--1941 (1,300 cc). Knucklehead, 1936--1947 61 cubic inch (1,000 cc), and 1941--1947 74 cubic inch (1,200 cc) Panhead, 1948--1965 61 cubic inch (1,000 cc), and 1948--1965, 74 cubic inch (1,200 cc) Shovelhead, 1966--1984, 74 cubic inch (1,200 cc) and 80 cubic inch (1,345 cc) since late 1978 Evolution (a.k.a. "Evo" and "Blockhead"), 1984--2000, 80 cubic inch (1,340 cc) Twin Cam 88 (a.k.a. "Fathead") 1999--2006, 88 cubic inch (1,450 cc) Twin Cam 88B (counter balanced version of the Twin Cam 88) 2000--2006, 88 cubic inch (1,450 cc) Twin Cam 95, since 2000, 95 cubic inch (1,550 cc) (engines for early C.V.O. models) Twin Cam 96, since 2007, Only the Street Bob and Super Glide Dyna Models still use the 96. 96 cubic inch (1,584 cc) Twin Cam 103, 2003--2006, 2009, 103 cubic inch (1,690 cc) (engines for C.V.O. models), Standard on 2011 Touring models such as the Road King Classic and Road Glide Ultra and optional on other Touring Models like the Road Glide Custom and Street Glide. Standard on most 2012 models excluding Sportsters and 2 Dynas (Street Bob and Super Glide) Twin Cam 110, since 2007, 110 cubic inch (1,802 cc) (engines for C.V.O. models)

top 10 bobbers
this is my top 10 of my favourite bobbers. everybody seems to be asking me what bike number 2 is, so there you go http://www.hotbikeweb.com/features/0611_hbkp_huntington_beach_cycles_bobber /photo_01.html

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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