RSX-S: full throttle on 91 highway pulled from 2nd-3rd only TSX: no downshift stayed in 4th

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Video of me @ Shannonville

K20/K24 All Motor 272whp RSX Type S
The video of my beasting car.. The set up is All Motor k20/k24.. made 272whp but i'm being restricted from my stock rbc intake manifold, stock throttle body, and cai w/out velocity stack. There's still room to grow! My tune is very conservative also as I thought I would be driving this as a daily driver.. enjoy!

How to Stunt on South Beach.. Bagged CL7 Acura TSX style
CL7 owner Edwin and I went on a little shoot today. Our tour went from bayside all the way down to SouthBeach. People would stop by, take pictures and walk away thinking "how is it possible that the car can drive so low" lol! Great Wednesday Afternoon in South Florida! My IG @EVDNT TSX owner @ESCOLAJE Song By : Grim Delarosa

Mike's Euro R (tsx) wrapped and slammed.
My homie mikes accord euro r / Acura TSX after gettin wrapped by A&G graphics located in long wood fl. Such a sick build. And wrap came out official. Follow us on iG @varsity.stance @anggraphics owners iG @jdm79dreams *i do not own copyright for audio used for promotional use only*