How To Install C5 Corvette Air Intake Boost your Corvette's horsepower and performance by installing an air intake assembly. This how-to video shows you the steps to ensure that you do the job right the first time.

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C5 Corvette Exhaust Install - Mid America Quadrapower Watch Dave install the Mid America Quadra Power Exhaust on a C5 Corvette - as always, follow the manufacturer's official instructions when installing one yourself! Compare these to the Borla "Stinger" Exhaust - great look and sound at a fantastic price!

Changing Your C5 Corvette DRL's in 2 Minutes!
A brief how-to on changing the daytime running lights on a C5 with a stock bumper. Once you do this a few times, you can do it in your sleep. No tools required! One thing to note that I didn't mention in this video. The LS-15 socket that the bulb sits in has a locking tab that you may have to squeeze in order for the socket to turn. That tab may or may not be present on your socket (due to the excessive heat exerted on this socket from the bulb, the tab frequently breaks off). If your socket seems to be locked in place when you attempt to turn it, then your tab may be present and you'll need to squeeze that tab in order to free and turn the the socket. Google a LS-15 socket by AC Delco so that you can see what one looks like and get an idea as to what the locking tab looks like. Or, take a look at this thread on Digital Corvettes where I frequently post: You can find a bunch more DIY repairs for the C5 over at, where I go by the user name of Junkman2008. If your bulb is frequently blowing, it's because of water intrusion. In that case, you need to replace the lens that the bulb sits in because the bulb has burned a hole into the TOP of that lens. I show how to repair this issue at Digital Corvettes. I have many writeup's strictly for repairing the C5 that will save you a boatload of money on repairs. Most dealerships want $70 just for this repair alone. That's what you just saved. Save the wave! :)

Vararam B2 Ram Air installation.
This video is from start to finish . Our production guys did the installation. These guys have never done a C-5 B2 install before. We used them to show just how easy it is to do.

SEMA 2013 - C5 Corvette Cold Air Intake System from Airaid
Airaid has now launched a completely new C5 Corvette Cold Air Intake system for the C5 community which comes with an optional oiled or synthetic non-oiled air filter and a beautiful all-carbon fiber intake tube as an optional upgrade. View more at: SUBSCRIBE to the POWERTV YOUTUBE Channel -- ***** Visit Power Automedia's Online Magazines! Power Automedia is the #1 Automotive Performance Digital Publisher! Ford & Mustang - LSX GM - Hot Rods & Muscle Cars - Drag Racing - Street Rods! - Chevy Muscle Cars - Engine Performance - Corvette - Off Road - Diesel Trucks -