How To Install C5 Corvette Air Intake Boost your Corvette's horsepower and performance by installing an air intake assembly. This how-to video shows you the steps to ensure that you do the job right the first time.

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Halltech Intake Time on my C5 Corvette Z06!
Finally got an intake for the z06. Halltech Stinger intake! If you guys enjoy my videos, consider subscribing! Music: Blown Away Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Part #1 of a multi video series on removal and installation of an audio system in the 1997-2004 C5 Corvette. Includes head unit, amplifier, sub woofer amp, sub box, door and rear speakers, as well as interior removal, and sound dampening. Part#1 Head unit removal Part#2 Wiring the adapter harness Part#3 Mounting the chassis and head unit Part#4 Interior removal and sound dampening/deadening Part#5 Amplifier wiring/Speaker and Subwoofer installation Still editing- check back soon!

C5 Corvette Exhaust Install - Mid America Quadrapower Watch Dave install the Mid America Quadra Power Exhaust on a C5 Corvette - as always, follow the manufacturer's official instructions when installing one yourself! Compare these to the Borla "Stinger" Exhaust - great look and sound at a fantastic price!

SLP Blackwing Air Filter Installation C5 Corvette
Sorry for the cut off at the end I had to use both hands but I'll add a picture of the completed installation. I check Craigslist for Corvette parts on occasion and I happened to find 2 parts I really wanted. The seller had an aftermarket air filter and a high flow duct. I bought both off the seller for $80 and put them on about a week or two later. Best deal I've gotten off Craigslist to this day. Blackwing alone goes for $250 or so depending on were you get it. Corvette High Flow Power Duct with C5 Logo goes for about $170. Over 400 for both and I"m so glad I checked and contacted the seller on Craigslist. Found the Blackwing on Summit for $215. Blackwing BRCiwpD0hP3Cg4kBEiQAHflm1v-SwW5RUzv-jNLq_6oV_OBbMyD2NAICZ7FnBcLTNIQaAk9L8P8 HAQ Corvette High Flow Power Duct with C5 Logo c5-logo-2001-2004-c5.aspx