Marty's week at a paint shop

Marty's Honda Civic driveway painting techniques have caused a stir, so we went to Redlion Smash repairs to get some pro tips on how restore the paint on a boring car. See the Mighty Car Mods forums for more paint discussion: Check out Redlion Smash Repairs here: and here

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An extra 25kw in 30 seconds
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Marty prepares his Subaru for Battle
Moog and Marty challanged each other to a dual to prove once and for all whether Subaru or Nissan reigns supreme. In this video Marty undertakes final battle preparation. Discussion here Preparation-Video&p=90007#post90007

Amazing Drift Car Tyre Change in Japan
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Fast Car Jacking Technique
Learn how to jack up your car faster with this easy technique! Warning *Scissor Jacks should be used as an emergency tool only. When working on your car make sure you use a proper workshop jack and jack stands. In this video the car is on jack stands and workshop jacks. The scissor jack is helping life a part of the engine only during replacement. Video is intended for entertainment only so be safe and use the right tools when working on your own car.