Red Bull MiG races USAFR jet dragster

Filmed at Langley AFB. MiG-17 enters a race with a jet powered dragster.

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how to fire up a mig 17
if you like stuff that flies, check out how to fire up a mig 17. seen at the 2006 thunder over michigan.

Jet Dragster at Englishtown Raceway Park
5 second Jet dragster at 297mph. Englishtown Raceway Park 6/2/07

Red Bull MiG - Yuma Air Show
The Red Bull MiG 17F made an appearance at the Yuma air show a few years back, and I got to go on the media flight the day before, where we flew in a Lockheed Jet Star 731 (not long after they got it from original owner Bob Hope) with the MiG right off our wingtips. This video was the first thing I ever edited in Final Cut Pro when I was learning it five and a half years ago. (This isn't the original audio, I had some Linkin Park, YouTube eventually noticed...) Red Bull MiG Website:

Aviation Nation 2005 Red Bull Mig
Here is the Red Bull Mig flown by Bill Reeseman at Aviation Nation 2005. Bill flew AGAINST this plane during Vietnam, and now it's his. For more information, go to: