67 VW Volksrod

This is a highly modified 1967 VW Bug. Grafted on rag top, New Chassis, Narrowed front axle, Chopped 4 inches in front and 3 inches in the back. Adapted for chevy wheels and super wide M/T Sportsmen tires on Centerline wheels. This is just the beginning of transforming this bug into my kind of art. Stay tuned working on this bug weekly to come up with some thing different.

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Headliner completed, motor installed not yet running. Wiring next

volksrod Green Hornet & yamaha xs650 hotrod vw
green hornet&yamaha xs650

my 1958 VW BUG
My 1958 VW Bug Build

Blood Guzzler (a volksrod that runs on blood)
like to buy Blood Guzzler tshirts http://www.cafepress.com/danieldarkside this is our entry to the 48hour film fest St. louis MO. 2009 Genre: horror Charictor: Ashley Brown prop: Photo of mom and/or dad line: "Have you ever seen anything like it" featured music by the Monads http://www.bigmuddyrecords.com/ and my car the River Rat to lurn more about the volksrod go to http://www.volksrods.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20540 we shot this on a Sony handycam avcHD we had no budget just our time. it was scripted, casted, filmed, and edited in 48 hour