Brett Pritchard's & PHENOMenal Vinyl's Satin Silver Nismo 350z |

Here we are coming at you with our latest feature. We were recently contacted by PHENOMenal Vinyl out in Long Island, a company that specializes in vinyl wrapping cars. With our original plans to shoot an airport hanger spoiled thanks to the rain, we made the best of it. The rain and mist was the perfect compliment to the gorgeous satin silver finish, which really showed off the body lines of this Nismo 350z. This 350z was actually wrapped in 3 colors, the satin silver for the main body, satin black for lips, mirrors, and Exhaust trim, and carbon fiber in small accented areas. An absolutely gorgeous and smooth finish in person, really tried to show it off the best I could on camera! Couldn't be happier with the location we ended up at, especially with the music of choice. Enjoy, and you can expect more work coming from us in collaboration with PHENOMenal Vinyl & High End Performance. OUR OTHER LINKS! PHENOMenal Vinyl: High End Performance: Song: Music Junkies - Sword of Damocles

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Thank you Bryce and Derrell for flying me out to Hawaii for the trip of a life time surrounded by amazing cars and good people. I made countless new friends in my 10 days on the island, and I’m forever thankful for all of them that supported me so much without really knowing me. Thank you Taylor for stocking up on honeycomb and dr pepper ;) Follow/Like me on; Instagram: YouTube: Woyshnis Media Facebook: Woyshnis Media Follow them on Instagram! @kekoazilla 370z; @xerograpjics Sponsors; Avant Garde AL Motorsports Toyo Tires Xero Graphics Sykes Performance @sykesautomotive Mishimoto Airrex Air Suspension Revwerx @revwerx Track; 1. 2. 3. Please give credit to all artists!

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