camaro movie2.wmv

2002 Camaro ss

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106mm turbo Camaro
2002, 427LSx

Fastest Escort GT N/A in San Antonio Tx.
0-60, 0-90, 0-120 stock!!! QUICK!!! Escort GT 1.8L DOHC MAZDA Variable Intake Control System...will post more when BoostED!!! @ 8PSI, THATS ALL I NEED

10.5W Camaro V8 twin turbo
Peter Pisalidis Competition tests his new twin turbo small block V8 Camaro for the first time.

Turbo LSx Camaro vs Big Turbo RX7
Chris "turboLSX" races Johnny "BoostNISSAN" Camaro gave the RX7 one car and the break. Camaro went around him at about half track. RX7 had to shell out $600 SMACKERS!!!!!!!!