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Jeep - Whole Again Commercial
Official Superbowl commercial from Jeep. When our troops are home, we are more than a family. We are a nation that is whole again. When you tweet using the #joinOSR hashtag, the Jeep brand will donate $1 to the USO (up to $300,000). Learn more about Operation Safe Return and how you can help support our nation's heroes by visiting

Wild Animal Jeep Liberty TV Commercial HD
This video is a funny commercial about singing animals riding in a Jeep Liberty. Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching.

"Beautiful Lands" Jeep's 2015 Super Bowl Commercial
The Jeep® brand firmly evolves its authentic American story of freedom with a global journey around the world – inspiring a new definition of adventure – in “Beautiful Lands,” which debuted during Sunday’s (2/1) Super Bowl XLIX broadcast. The 90-second video invites viewers to follow an epic worldwide journey through lyrics of “This Land Is Your Land,” spanning the globe to locations across the United States, Italy, Brazil, China, Spain, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Thailand, India and United Arab Emirates. The commercial is the first to mark the introduction of the all-new 2015 Jeep Renegade in the United States. The broadcast debut spot “Beautiful Lands” can be viewed/embedded here: “Beautiful Lands” takes a unique and surprising twist upon the iconic piece of music “This Land is Your Land,” written as a crowning tribute to America's homeland, and expands its interpretation into a global celebration of all lands across the world. The catalyst that takes viewers on an unexpected musical and visual odyssey, “Beautiful Lands” creates a connection to show the Jeep brand’s evolution. As performed by recording artist Marc Scibilia, the song and the "Beautiful Lands" video share a message of freedom and reverence, and also introduces "This Land is Your Land" to a new generation of fans, inviting a fresh and new appreciation for the song. The 19-day combined production for the “Beautiful Lands” commercial included filming in more than 10 countries, 40-plus locations and approximately 73,777 miles traveled around the world (number of times around the world 2.962), including the United States, Italy, Brazil, China, Spain, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Thailand, India and United Arab Emirates. The Jeep brand commissioned noted photographers to document the entire journey. (Each location of every scene in "Beautiful Lands” is available in pdf format to the right under ATTACHED.) As part of the “Beautiful Lands” campaign, the Jeep brand is helping to drive global awareness of and its work in an effort to affirm “Water is life. Help provide it.” Embodying the Renegade spirit, breaks boundaries to find solutions that transform lives with safe water. The Jeep brand is proud to support in its efforts to solve the global water crisis by making a $250,000 donation. The Jeep brand’s “Beautiful Lands” was created in partnership with Dallas-based The Richards Group. More on the campaign and the all-new 2015 Jeep Renegade can be found at

Jeep Celebrates 75 Years With Two Super Bowl 50 Commercials
The Jeep brand celebrates its 75th anniversary this year and it is highlighted by two new distinct videos launched during the Super Bowl 50 broadcast that recognize the brand milestone, both paying tribute to its legacy and looking ahead to its future. The first :60 video “Portraits” is a nod to the past, an acknowledgment to the many people, faces and moments that have shaped the history of the brand beginning in 1941.