Triumph Herald - The Cars the Star pt1

BBC Documentary from 1994. The Cars the Star with Quentin Wilson

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Classic British Cars - Standard 8 and Triumph Herald
From the 1999 series.

Triumph Herald 13/60 Overview.
Classic Car Choices looks over the Triumph Herald 13/60

Golden oldies - pt 2 - Triumph Herald 13/60
Ok here's another from the Oldies archives!!!! I tried my hand at narration on this video!!! not quite sync'd, but you get the idea!!!

The Car's the Star - Volkswagen Beetle (1999)
The Car's the Star, a documentary series on a number of classic cars originally broadcast in the 1990s, presented by Quentin Willson (Top Gear). This episode features the old and new Volkswagen Beetle. Originally broadcast in 1999, just as the 'new Beetle' was launched.