Subaru SVX wide open Flyby, Exhaust sound

Here's the same vid with No Music First time I drive my SVX after replacing the clutch and flywheel. It's on full open Exhaust right now so it is a bit too loud but I'm waiting for my high flow catalytic converter to arrive to plug back all the Exhaust system. New Mods: Fidanza aluminum flywheel Phoenix Friction 6 puck kevlar/ceramic clutch disc and heavy duty pressure plate. Soundtrack by The Bloody Beetroots - Cornelius All rights reserved to Dim Mak Records/Downtown Music

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Minivan Drifting FAIL!!!
TOFU FAIL DRIFT!!! A little video from NASAAZ Drift shot by my Twin Carbon AE86 driver Brendan Garvey. Need to work a lot on the suspension and tire pressure, I guess I had too much traction and very little horsepower. Can't wait to do the EG33 swap, at 3,000lbs curb weight, this thing still needs quite a bit more power to stay drifting since the tired 4 banger just boggs out half way trough big turns. Song: Danger Zone Meets Metal by 331Erock

Minivan Massive Burnout! [HOONIVAN]
TBT 2013: The HOONIVAN with 330,000 miles on the tired 4 banger.... Still took a beating bouncing off the rev limiter for minutes until the tires blew up! Throwback to Import Faceoff Phoenix 2013

8-Bit Miata "Video game" perspective IG teaser.
8-Bit Miata "Video game" perspective IG teaser. Wait for the new video coming out soon!!

The Tofu Drift Van is back!!!
First drive with the new suspension setup, big success!!! The ebrake still needs some adjustemt, but so far it worked pretty good. Specs: S14 Rear subframe. S13 KSport Kontrol Pro coilovers. Maverick Motorsports dual brake caliper bracket. Four Z32 rear brake calipers. Mustang Cobra Rotora brake rotors. KSport hydraulic e-brake. Isis Performance 5 lug hubs. S14 welded differential.