BurnOut King's #13 (Toyota Yaris vs Neon SRT4)

Import Vs Domestic Like Never Befor. Neon SRT4 vs Toyota Yaris WHAT!?! Wich did it better you decide......This battle is Brought to you by MechtecH Racing Puerto Rico #1 Racign TV Show! Who will be Crowned BurnOut King on Facebook.com/mtcprtv

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Justin Haley's Burnout Memorial 2012 - Part 1
A bunch of us get together to remember justin in the best way we know how. RIP Justin!

Audi R8 vs Porsche 997 TT
This Challenge took place in Aguadillas Puerto Rico Airport. AUdi R8 V8 vs Porsche 997 TT. This is a Segment of My Show Mech-Tech Racing. Directed by Osvaldo Friger Executive Produced by Edwin Colon. sneaky club . com

Probando Evo X MTC
Probando calle Para mech tech racing

Jomar Racing Vs. Ford Focus Negra (Accidente)
Accidente en la noche entre el datsu Jomar Racing y una Ford Focus Negra , todo estubos bien con ambos driver solo un cantasito leve na grabe .... Video Cortesia: http://www.grs-motorsports.com/index/index.html