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Volvo TGB 1314 C304 for sale

Video of our Volvo TGB 1314 that we are selling for $22,000


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Volvo TGB 1314 Fursten Forest
Volvo TGB 1314 rijdend bij Fursten Forest offroad terrein. Een eerste kijk op de nieuwe kleur combinatie (achterbak in desert camouflage) dat uiteraard nog niet compleet is. Technisch 100% in orde zoals een Zweed het betaamt. Even een korte intro naar de mogelijkheden die deze auto biedt in het terrein.

Volvo TGB13 6x6 - C304 Off-road in the Balkans
A bit of footage from our holiday trip from Denmark through Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina. Not hardcore off-road, but a lot more fun than driving on pavement all the way. - the inclines are somewhat steeper than it seems on video though :-)

Volvo c304

Volvo C303 Z.A.R.V. Part III - Seats & Interior Removal
In this video I begin restoration of the zombie truck. I review the new seat installation after having welded the new seat brackets and begin removal of the old interior panels and insulation.

volvo tgb 13 parabolic suspension havy duty
maken en testen van de havy duty uitvoering van de parabool vering voor

Volvo Unimog - Volvo C202 - Volvo C303 - Volvo C304 and Volvo L3314
Meeting at the beach. Historic military vehicles - leave comments.

Tapaninpäivä Off-Road 2012
For the latest Tapaninpäivä Off-road 2013 video, click here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWHZ8NsOkvY Tapanin ajelua Kalkkisissa, 26.12.2012. Kiitokset Jukalle jälleen kerran hienosta ajopäivästä, sekä myös kaikille mukana olijoille!

Volvo TGB 1314

Volvo tgb13 VS 2x uaz 469
talvine sõit

TOYOTA Land Cruiser BJ 45 & VOLVO TGB 13 / C 304 built by MaToJe1. If you like the video, maybe you visit my channel to see more of me..... http://www.youtube.com/user/MaToJe1?feature=mhee

Offroad Volvo TGB13 6x6 Mayhem (120107)
Volvo TGB13 series at Tuna, Sandviken 7 January 2012. Three 6x6 (former Swedish military) vehicles having fun in the mud, snow and icy waters. Some "Arches of mud" in a fight for the win. In order of appearance: Klas_B in "Myrmonstret" Jocke in TGB13 with original traction chains Åberg (aka "Blyfot") in "Lertrollet" Thank you Klas_B for excellent camera work Produced by Jaws4x4

volvo tgb 13 6x6 total rebuild
total rebuild from 20-10-08-until-26-06-09 weekday's every night and all full weekends but look at the results!!!! ( c303 c306 laplander )

Volvo C303 Auf Rädern und Ketten 2012
Having fun with our Volvo in Wien :) The song is NOT made by me and i don´t own any rights. It´s made by Brian Tyler.

Short film about passion "Volvo 850 T5"
Projekt VOLVO 850 T5. Film of passion for the automotive industry. Film production:https://www.facebook.com/DRAKKADR http://www.drakkadr.pl/ Garage: https://www.facebook.com/autogazotwock?ref=hl http://www.drakkadr.pl/

Best of Lertrollet TGB-13 6x6 feat. Åberg aka "Blyfot"
Best of Lertrollet TGB-13 Volvo C304 6x6 featuring Åberg aka "Blyfot". Contains the muddiest clips with Lertrollet from 2011 to 2013 with Gestrike Offroad on Tuna offroad area. New material added in January 2014!!!

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