Volvo TGB 1314 C304 for sale

Video of our Volvo TGB 1314 that we are selling for $22,000

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Volvo TGB 1314 Fursten Forest - during a fun weekend at at Fursten Forest terrain in Germany, we took this fab Volvo camper for a test drive. The 6-wheels combined with portal axles can make most 4x4 enthusiasts feeling a little despondent.

Volvo C304 in hedeager
Fik besøg af en 6x6 volvo bandit i ferien

Breslau proloog onboard Volvo TGB 13 6x6 Team Havast
proloog at Breslau / Wroclaw from PKW Volvo 6x6 , on board X-170 drift cam ,out sony cam including a car roll-over

Volvo c304