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Albin O21


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Wickström W1 merimoottori

Albin 1cil motor
Albin A-) motor na revisie, droog oefenen......

Albin AD 21
albin ad 21

Some of my old engines. Hotbulb, Diesel and petrol
This is a movie about some of my engines. The running Skandia hotbulb engine is not my engine, it´s from the hotbulb engines day 2006 in Sweden. The Marna dieselengine is working, it will just need some paint. The old Solo engine needs a carburator and ignition... The old Albin engine have a new owner now. My Skandia 14A hotbulb engine needs som new parts and some paint.

Old fishingboat, old JM engine
This fishingboat has a very nice sounding engine. It´s a June-Munktell diesel (JM), build in Jönköping, Sweden. The boat is built in Flekkefjord 1966.

Old Fishingboat, old engine
My Old Fishingboat with a nice sound in the Exhaustpipe. It has a variable pitch propeller and only one cylinder. The engine makes 12 hp and weights about 370 kg. Marna M1 built in 1961 by Mandals engine factory, Norway. The boat is built at the westcoast of Sweden.

Albin O-21 Start.avi
Very cold and only little fuel in the carb.

ad 21 resoneert
37 jaar oude 2 cilinder diesel motor in boot loopt nog prima.

Atlas 5 HP marine engine early 1900's running
Built in San francisco in the early 1900's, it served its purpose powering different vessels (boats) in Bristol Bay, running at the 2008 Puget Sound Antique Tractor Machinery Association Lynden Washington. Check out my other videos from the show

Volvo Penta AQ170
Full rebuilt 1971 Volvo Penta engine. Also knows as GLASTRON170 Engine. 6-Cylinder

Volvo MD 6A Albin Vega
MD6A er läuft und läuft und läuft

Albin AD2 engine sound
I use to do a check before a sea-tour

1 minut Albin o-11
1 minut med Albin o-11.

Vetus M2.C5 marine diesel engine in Albin 78 Cirrus sailboat
Vetus M2.C5 11 bhp marine diesel engine with Volvo Penta 110S saildrive adapter.

Albin AD-2: 2-cylinder diesel motor
Built in 1966, running after her rebuild. http://www.errantwinds.com/

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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