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Albin O21


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Snipa med Albin O21
En tur med snipan i ån Lagan

Old Yanmar diesel engine, 21 feet boat
Gullholmensnipa 21 feet. Fiberglasshull. Built in 1970. I have changed the engine to a Yanmar diesel, SB 12 1 cyl, 12 hp,1978. The old engine was a Albin O21 Kadett 12 hp,1950-55!?. You can se that engine in one of my other videos. New boats at www.gullholmensnipan.se

2 CYLINDER DIESEL TAPLIN TWIN 15CC running, vintage RC engine(not nitro or glow !)
MORE MODEL ENGINES : http://www.youtube.com/user/rapmoz/videos?view=0 For the amateurs of : Vintage Engine motor V8 V12 twin 4 stroke 2 cycle Moteur modele reduit model diesel outboard toy nitro fuel gas petrol castor oil ether cc run glow plug hand made compression ignition spark tether car onboard inboard starter start fema temps silnik hit & miss wankel rotary supercharged turbine jet plane rc r/c boat tractor steam engine brushless powered modellmotor marine water cooled pulsejet lego miniature mini micro small hotrod twin ohv dohc ohc petrol ether castor oil heli helicopter seaplane truck buggy airplane Aircraft avion aereo nave bike motorcycle free flight u control boat Speedboat homemade vintage smallest world antique old hand made V12 v8 silnik OS max vintage outboard toys nitro westbury CC Moteur modele reduit model engine run glow plug speedboat os enya diesel rc mccoy westbury motor 2 4 stroke cycle saito super tigre cmb rossi taplin charlton ed dc frog hand made compression ignition spark ops cox hpi evinrude mercury kyosho tamiya graupner hirtenberger hb taifun fuji toy inboard kb k&b wen mac allyn fuel gas amps robbe tether car onboard starter start fema temps homemade vintage smallest world hit & miss wankel rotary supercharged turbine jet plane rc r/c boat tractor steam engine brushless powered antique old modellmotor marine water cooled pulsejet lego miniature mini micro small hotrod twin ohv dohc ohc petrol ether castor oil heli helicopter seaplane truck chevy buggy airplane corvette Aircraft avion aereo nave free flight u control

Beta Marine - Beta 25 Running
Short video of a Beta Marine - Beta 25 engine on test at the Beta Marine Factory In Qudegeley Gloucester

Albin O21
En lugnt arbetande båtmotor i en plastsnipa från 1969, Myra 21. 2cyl 8hkr med slutet kylsystem. Såldes även som Volvo Penta C10.

Old marine engine, first start since?
This is a old 2 stroke 2 cylinder marine engine from around 1920's, no manufacturers name or any ID on it. After fixing the magneto (Ruthardt) I got it running. In this first run we had motor oil in the crankcase, because we thougt it wouldn't use the 2-stroke oil and would need oil in the crackcase. That was not the case as you can see. The oil burns and flies from the Exhaust. It will still need a little adjusting of the carburetor (Schebler) to run beautifully.

Naprawa silników Tel. 795/932/468 Volvo Penta Perkins Kubota Yanmar Farymann Vetus
Naprawa silników stacjonarnych Tel. 795/932/468 łodzie jachty, odpalanie zastałych silników naprawa głowic, dorabianie uszczelek nietypowych pod głowicę, usuwanie dymienia, uszczelnianie zaworów itd itd...

BUKH 1 cilinder start
een BUKH 1 cilinder diesel. deze 10 pk motor staat in een oude koolschuit en hij ploft moi rond

Big Block V8 Boot Motor
@Mobilia Erster Start eines getunten Big-Block V8 Motors

Myra 20 snipa tuffar
11 hk, 500 cc, 4-5 knop. plastsnipa byggd 1965 i Norge. Ombyggd 2007-2008 med ruff, wc och bord i sittbrunn. filmad en kväll i julipå ekoln utanför uppsala...

1 cilinder Sabb motor
10 pk 1 cilinder Sabb motor

Elrenovering Albin 25

Diesel Engine
Boat. Listen to it. Honors for this video #3 - Most Discussed (Today) - Autos & Vehicles - Sweden #27 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Autos & Vehicles - Sweden #33 - Most Viewed (Today) - Autos & Vehicles - Sweden #84 - Top Favorited (Today) - Autos & Vehicles - Sweden #2 - Top Rated (Today) - Autos & Vehicles - Sweden #12 - Top Rated (This Week) - Autos & Vehicles - Sweden #47 - Top Rated (This Month) - Autos & Vehicles - Sweden

Volvo MD 6A Albin Vega
MD6A er läuft und läuft und läuft

Vetus M2.C5 marine diesel engine in Albin 78 Cirrus sailboat
Vetus M2.C5 11 bhp marine diesel engine with Volvo Penta 110S saildrive adapter.

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