M35 Original & New Exhaust.avi

Infiniti M35 (2006) original Exhaust vs custom Exhaust. DC Headers, Berk hi-flow cats, Magnaflow x-pipe, Vibrant ultra quiet resonators and Duramax mufflers. A lot louder than I anticipated.

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M35 sport w/Megan Exhaust and BERK HFC's
Megan Exhaust w/ BERK High Flow Cats

M35 Y50 Exhaust Sound Clip
M35 Y50 Exhaust Sound Clip

Blinder M35 vs New Jersey State Police
This is a video of my encounter with the New Jersey State Police on the NJ Turnpike. This video shows how my Blinder laser jammer works against their laser guns. They are currently using LTI Marksman (a tuff gun to jam) & LTI Ultralyte.

Infiniti M45 MagnaFlow 14816 Custom Catback Exhaust
Start up and revs. First takeoff vid is light throttle. Second takeoff vid had some wheelspin on heavy throttle with traction control intervening immediately. Third takeoff vid started off with light throttle then heavy throttle.