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Honest John's Skoda Yeti 1.8 TSI road test

Honest John captures a Skoda Yeti 1.8 TSI, and gives us the low-down. More information and a written report at http://www.honestjohn.co.uk


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compare it! The Skoda Yeti versus the Nissan Juke | drive it!
Two crossover SUVs face off on drive it! These two compact SUVs both offer plenty of ground-clearance, but that's where the similarities end.Skoda's Yeti comes across as sensible, spacious and conservative while the Juke steps up with bold and unusual design elements. We set out to determine which car offers more all-round performance and value.

Skoda YETI 1.8 TSI 4x4 roadtest
Het vijfde model in de Skodarange is een auto geworden die we niet zomaar in een hokje kunnen plaatsen. Skoda spreekt zelf van een slimme SUV en dat is een adequate karakterisering. Ze noemen m YETI. Hij is stoer, krachtig, heeft een hoog kwaliteitsniveau, is betaalbaar en ook nog eens sociaal acceptabel. Vooral die laatste twee eigenschappen kom je bij een SUV zelden tegen. Tijd voor een uitgebreide test met de nieuwe YETI, met name in het 4x4-terrein, want wij kregen van Skoda-dealer Van Heukelem een witte 1.8 TSI 4x4- versie mee. Ga naar www.autoplusonline.nl voor het complete testverslag en meer autoplus movies!

Skoda Yeti review 2012
The Skoda Yeti is a strange one when it comes to the SUV segment as its boxy exterior echoes a different appeal to the current crossover competition. But as with many other Skoda models, practicality is its main concern -- and the Skoda Yeti definitely delivers. Watch as we put the Skoda Yeti to the test in our latest car review. For more information on the Skoda Yeti, visit http://www.motortoque.com

Skoda Yeti : Car Review
http://newcarnet.tv We all know that Skoda offers value for money and no-nonsense motoring. And now, they've applied that thinking for the first time, to the SUV sector -- with this, the Yeti. Check out the latest car reviews, motoring news and international motor show coverage at http://newcarnet.co.uk

Тест Skoda Yeti 1.8 TSI 4x4
Испытание Skoda Yeti 1.8 TSI 4x4 журналом 4x4 Club

Skoda Yeti SUV (2009-2013) review - CarBuyer
Skoda Yeti SUV 2014 review: http://bit.ly/1iJdjzG Subscribe to the Carbuyer YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/17k4fct Subscribe to Auto Express: http://subscribe.autoexpress.co.uk/cb The Skoda Yeti is a well-priced 'crossover' alternative to conventional family hatchbacks like the Ford Focus. The majority of Yetis are front-wheel drive, but the raised suspension does mean it'll venture further off road than most regular cars, while speed bumps in town hold absolutely no fear.

Skoda yeti 2010 road test review
Motors.co.uk put the all new Skoda Yeti (yep odd name!) through its paces in this exclusive online video review!! See what we thought of surprisingly sensible Skoda!

Skoda Yeti - iMOTOR UK Test Drive review
Craig McAlpine test drives the new Skoda Yeti Crossover

The Skoda Yeti review
Yes Clarkson may have landed a helicopter on the roof but we have Bob and he tests the 1.6 TDi 2 wheel drive version but is it really the best car in the world?

Skoda Yeti SUV 2014 review - Carbuyer
Skoda Yeti SUV 2014 review: http://bit.ly/1nw7GFP Subscribe to the Carbuyer YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/17k4fct Subscribe to Auto Express: http://subscribe.autoexpress.co.uk/cb "The Skoda Yeti is a small SUV that's great fun to drive, has lots of personality and is a big hit with owners, but it's starting to feel a little dated."

Skoda Yeti - Go! Das Motormagazin
getestet von Stefan Kreuzer. Aus der Sendung "Go! Das Motormagazin" auf Sat1 und Puls4. Mehr gibts auf www.stefankreuzer.com

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