Heffner twin turbo Viper

This is a 1999 Dodge Viper GTS with a Heffner's performance twin turbo system. Full weight 3706lbs to be exact, using drag radials (street tires) running t88 turbos 17PSI 1300RWHP.

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Dr.Roofs UGR TT viper run 8.55@174
Dr.Roofs previous Underground racing viper which for some time held the title of the worlds fastest full weight street legal IRS six speed car.

Z06 getting pounded by Heffner TT Viper by nick a-bear
that viper is a killer

Heffner Performance 1700 whp Twin Turbo Viper GTS 8 second 1/4 mile. Street driven.
Heffner built twin turbo Dodge Viper GTS first time out...runs 8's

Dr.Roofs 7.89@183 TT street legal viper
You may know Dr.Roof from his previous viper that held the world record for the fastest full weight street legal IRS six speed that was recently beaten by Garth Weavers TT viper. Well this is Dr.Roofs new Underground racing full weight street legal IRS auto twin turbo viper.