Long Version Supercharged Integra GSR at Streets of Willow

1996 Supercharged GSR at Los Angeles Streets of Willow. Willowsprings 2005 260 HP at Crank. Stock GSR Engine

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Brian's Rotrex Honda Integra Type-R +375HP
A old video from 2006 with my Integra. I was the first and still the only one, who have fitted a Rotrex Supercharger to a Honda B-series engine. In this video the car have 260-375 HP, but in 2007 I've put Toda Spec B cams and some more rpm to it, and got past 400 HP. Until now it's the most powerfull Honda here in Denmark

ROTREX supercharged Integra 310whp 197ft/lbs tq
Stock compression, stock motor, catalytic converter... Rotrex at 7 psi,

Kraftwerks B18C1 B-Series Race Kit - Integra - Import DPS
We recently had Jason bring in his Integra GSR for a power adder. He opted and wanted the Kraftwerks B-Series Race Supercharger System. We fabricated all of the Charge Piping in house and then sent it off for the engine to be rebuilt with aftermarket performance parts. After full assembly the car was then tuned and produced 383HP on a Dynojet. The car will be used for Road / Circuit Racing so while power wasn't a must our customer informed us they were very happy with the gains. Check out www.importdpsonline.com for all your Kraftwerks Supercharger Systems as well as Performance Parts and Builds. Special thanks to Cano, Ramsey, Eric, Rolando, Bart, Allan and Felix for the help! No build is possible without great people pitching in. No build is possible at all without Great Customers and Jason is surely one of them!

Supercharged Z06 vs K24 GT40 Turbo Integra Type-R
D1 Supercharged Z06 vs K24 GT40 turbo Integra Type-R