2009 CTS-V QTP Electric Cutouts

This is my 2009 Cadillac CTS-V with QTP Electric cutouts and my wireless control module. They're pretty simple/easy to install, and I LOVE the sound of them

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CTS-V with QTP Cutouts
CTS-V Idle and Revs with QTP Cutouts Open and Shut

CTS-V Wagon exhaust cutouts first run.
Remote control Exhaust cutouts. Not too loud, just much nicer. Wonderful deep throat. I need to take another video with better sound.

CTS-V with QTP Cutouts with Turndowns.
2010 Cadillac CTS-V with QTP low profile cutouts and jlinks justthetip turndowns. Rest of the Exhaust and car is stock other than an intake.

CTS-V Modded Exhaust
Exhaust Mods: LS9 Cam B&B Test Pipes Secondary Cat Delete Pypes M80 Resonators QTP Low Profile Cutouts ***Stock Mufflers Other Mods: 9.1" Lower Pulley 2.4" Upper Pulley FIC1000 Injectors DSteck Flex Fuel Sensor Airaid CAI ZL1 Supercharger Lid Track Attack Heat Exchanger NGK TR7ix Spark Plugs