1985 Kawasaki Eliminator 900 Dyno test

Also a 2001 Honda CBR 600f4i

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CalDanger 1985 Kawasaki ZL900 Eliminator
11.6 @ 117mph quarter mile. The bike has been jetted and upgraded air filters, otherwise stock for 1985

Tom's ZL900 -- for sale

Kawasaki ZL900 Eliminator
My Kawasaki ZL900 Eliminator - maybe the last ride - an endeavor to sell as I don't ride anymore. It just sits...900cc's of raw, throaty power - when fully tuned, zero to 50mph in - literally - less than 2 seconds. Stupid - right? In 1986, it was the fastest production bike ever made. This is ALL stock - except for the turn signals - seat, paint, mufflers, the engine hasn't been screwed with or cranked - stock. It needs the love I don't have for biking anymore...at 2:45 seconds in, I light it up - at 2:51 I let off - couldn't see it but hit about 70 - 3 gears...2 more to go.

ZL900 kawasaki eliminator