Cutting down some trees and hauling em off

we had about 4 dead trees in the yard so i chose the smallest one for the video lol chopped it down by way of ax made for a good workout lol

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Old Tree is Cut Down and Sent Through a Huge Wood Chipper
Professionals make easy work out of cutting down a 30+ year old maple tree that was damaged by a tornado. They grind up the mess with a gigantic wood chipper.

Girl banging gears Civic si shifting like a boss and Riced Civic Ig Angellwawa
My friend Michelle shifting like a boss her Instagram _thatgirlm_ and then my friend victor cruisin and my car at the end Angellwawa

Tree Cutting and Hauling with Yanmar YMG1800D
making room for progress

Tree Cutting & Sustainable Forestry Practices - Logging a Wolf Tree
Watch a wolf tree get properly logged in the Amazon. See for yourself how controlled the process is. From the direction of the felling which is planned out by a forest engineer to its extraction, sustainable logging and forestry practices actually do contribute to the long term vitality of the rain forest. Watch a detailed video which goes into more detail about well-managed forestry and sustainable logging. Read more here: e-wolf-tree-plays-a-role restry