Cutting down some trees and hauling em off

we had about 4 dead trees in the yard so i chose the smallest one for the video lol chopped it down by way of ax made for a good workout lol

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Old Tree is Cut Down and Sent Through a Huge Wood Chipper
Professionals make easy work out of cutting down a 30+ year old maple tree that was damaged by a tornado. They grind up the mess with a gigantic wood chipper.

Country Boy -Aaron Lewis (Dont Tread on Me)
flying my Confederate flag and the ol rattlesnake from my truck yesterday, its time we take back America

Tree Cutting and Hauling with Yanmar YMG1800D
making room for progress

Debbie gets a little excited while we're cutting some large trees down very close to the cabin.
Well we finally got the trees close to the cabin cut down and of course Deb got a little bit nervous lol. Both trees landed right where I wanted them to but would have done a lot of damage if they hadn't.