Otwarcie sezonu motocyklowego - Warszawa 2013

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2015 05 31 Błażowa rozpoczęcie sezonu motocyklowego.Bogdan Dulęba
2015 05 31 Błażowa rozpoczęcie sezonu motocyklowego. Kościół Św.Marcina

2013 Hostessy / Modelki V Motocykl Expo 2-3 marca 2013)
KD AMATOR STUDIO presents Modelki, hostessy na V Ogólnopolskiej wystawie motocykli i skuterów 2-3 marca 2013 w Warszawie. V Motocykl Expo Models, hostess- Moto Expo in Central Europe (Poland) 2-3 March 2013. Nice girls and motorcycles. Stoisko: BMW, Ducati, scigacz.pl, Yamaha, KTM i inne Music: Epic Soul Factory "Intruders" and "Night Hunter" Free license (non commercial use). Download: http://www.jamendo.com/pl/track/894998/night-hunter-guitars-by-peergynt-lob ogris

Wyczyny Motocyklistów ( Motorcycle Stunts ) PL
Warszawa PL

Ethan Tanner is a Determined Man behind the wheel of Ol' Orange. He fought a stomach bug for 2 days and still made it to the Gorilla Run and gave it his all. He was on his way to climbing the Bounty Hill when his motor started acting up and wouldn't run. He lost his breaks on the way down and the rest is history. Ol' Orange has to be one of the Toughest Buggies ever built. Ethan ended up selling is just like it sat for a disclosed amount of Cash. I can't wait to see what he shows up in Next!!! Be Sure and Follow at https://www.facebook.com/MadRam11