72 inch Zipp Cat

Our 6 foot wood cat kit during testing last year. We are still working on the tunnel to reduce lift. Two stock Zenoah 260's with 7016/3 props. Counter rotating (one engine backwards).

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POWER SPARK ignition system with MATHO 4-cylinder engine
Very first run of new powerboat "RAT HOUSE" from MATHO. Engine 4-cylinder "RAT HOUSE" from www.matho-powertrain.de Application of POWER SPARK ignition system for 4-cylinder engines. Brand new engine, rev-limiter on 14500rpm by power-spark Weight: 30kg = approx. 66lbs Overall length: approx. 2m = 79inch Gearbox: splitter with 28% overdrive Props: pair 7516/3 by Chris Hofmann /USA

Mini Z Boat Yoggi Formula 1
Kyosho Mini Z Boat with Brushless 130L 5300kv / ESC 8A / LiPo 2S 200mah It go now too fast for a swiming pool!

R/C Sub Emergency Blow!
More info: http://www.RapidNadion.com (description below) Just a quick video of our scratch-built R/C submarine USS Virginia performing an emergency-surface maneuver, blasting nearly a third of her length from the water. Sound effects courtesy of policeinterceptor.com. Shot with a GoPro Hero and Casio Exilim FC-150, at Artist Lake, in eastern New York state.

Hydrolift RC Boat RCMK
Hydrolift Hull: RCMK: Length: 1120 mm Widht: 272mm Height: 160mm Weight Tot: approx 7200g Epoxylaminated fiber glass with carbon enhanced lower hull Motors: 2 Brushless Leopard 4074 water cooling 2200 rpm/volt Effect: approx 2000W/motor 14.8 volt/motor = approx: 29300 rpm/motor during workload ESC 2st Seaking180Amp 2-6LiPo Intern BEC (battery-eliminator-circuit) deleted Inkl. programunit. Batteries: 4-cells LiPo= 4x14.8 volt 2 batteries per motor Outdrives: 2 counter rotating 3/16 flex shafts with drivedog Props: 3 blade CNC; Receiver 2,4ghz Futaba