Corsa 2.0L vs Lotus (Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious) Elise

Mates Corsa against a Lotus, no competition lol.

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Corsa 2.0L vs Vectra Sri140
Opel v Opel, my mates Corsa v Vectra SRi

Cruising and racing in the redtop

Lotus Exige S track test: 350hp, chassis from the Gods - /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS
Take the Evora S supercharged V6, change the suspension and go chase the Porsche GT3. This is the best street/track car Lotus has ever built. Let's just hope it isn't too little too late.

Mr Revs Revenge (Transit van plus 2 wheelie bin's)
Dont you just hate it when the white van man blocks you in! If so try attaching 2 wheelie bins to his tow bar and video him driving off LOL.