ZO6 vs Cobra vs G8 GTv Chevelle


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Porsche 997 Turbo PDK PP-Performance 620HP vs Corvette Z06 Exhaust + Tuning 550HP
Porsche 997 turbo PDK PP-Performance 620HP vs Corvette Z06 Exhaustsystem + Software from rolling start....

XplicitPerformance Procharged G8 vs Whipple Cobra
Our Procharged G8 vs a Whipple Cobra on E85 and our G8 vs a Heads/Cam/Stall/N2o G8

BMW M3 E92 Competition w/ Eisenmann exhaust: Brutal accelerations! HD
This amazing, matte white BMW M3 E92 Competition is fitted with an Eisenmann Exhaust and accelerates 3 times really fast! The owner was very friendly. Enjoy! :)

corvette zo6 vs many sport cars
CorveTTE ZO6 Vs some cars