Cummins Diesel Engine First Start

STARTS AT 3:10 --- This engine and its twin were built by my father. He installed them in his 33' Bertram. Sorry about all the cranking. I meant to cut out a large section of that, but somehow I forgot about it. FAQ: Why is it white? It is common for boats to have white engines. Why is water coming out of the Exhaust? The engine is cooled by a continuous flow of seawater, or in this case water from a hose. It comes out of the Exhaust. Why is it cranking for so long? Is the starter fried now? The starter is fine. Everything was completely dry at the beginning of the video. It just took some time for the fuel to be delivered. Both engines are running (and starting) great over 5 years later. Thanks for watching.

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Old Engines in Japan 1930s SATO's SEMI DIESEL ENGINE 2hp Part 1
SATO's SEMI-DIESEL ENGINE (Hot bulb engine) 2hp Around 1933 Manufacturer : SATO Company Manufacturer's Location : Higashiizumocho, Matsue-shi, Shimane, Japan This is a hot-bulb engine-type engine made at pre World War II. Because a magneto was unnecessary as for the semidiesel engine, it was made in some Japanese makers at the time. This engine burns a charcoal fire on the cylinder head, and heats hot bulb. This Engine is not my thing. I observed this engine at 2012 SUISHO-no-YU Spa engine show. [いにしえの発動機たち] 1933年頃 サトー式軽油発動機 2馬力 その1 (焼玉) 2012年水晶の湯発動機運転会で見学させていただきまし 。

Cummins 855 Big Cam 1st start after rebuild
my 1st engine teardown and rebuild at OTC

SoFlo Diesel Dual 6" Cat stacks on Cummins 24v
Our SoFlo Dual side by side (DSS) 6" Cat stack setup, These are 41" Tall Satin Black with 5" Inlet kit. Truck is 04 Cummins Common Rail 5" turbo Back Exhaust Smarty S-06 for the tuning Camera didnt quite like the volume of the In-Bed portion.

Cummins ISM EGR 2003 410HP
This is a low mileage (4865 miles) Cummins ISM. Our tag number is 500-11535. Call for details 866-241-2110 or check us out online