Switch Racing Rx7 Mix

The mastermind, Cuco Switch, has created another machine that was born in the 8's with potential to go even further. Compiled by: Jose Suarez Music: "Gorgeous Nightmare" - Escape The Fate Footage by: GRS-Motorsports

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Switch Racing [RE] Mix
Nearly 3 years ago, the mastermind, Cuco Switch, began to create the machine that would go beyond the limits thought possible. At the World Sport Compact Challenge, the dream came true as the beast shattered its previous record. Compiled by: Jose Suarez Music: "Hell Yeah" - Rev Theory Footage by: GRS-Motorsports

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Tatiana Racing
Tatiana Racing accident and recostruction -video by shift gear -racing footage by grs-motorsports.com -music by tego calederon Los mate. Category: Autos & Vehicles Tags: Shift Gear Clothing Tatiana Racing Grs motorsports rotary accident drag racing turbo burnout 13b mazda starlet toyota kp61 License: Standard YouTube License