E60 M5 Dixis Supersprint header

E60 Dixis titanium Exhaust with supersprint header and cats.

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BRUTAL BMW E60 M5 meisterschaft acclerations - Powerslide, on board, revving, and more!
I recently had the incredible opportunity to do a photoshoot and get a ride in this stunning blue BMW E60 M5. This particular M5 has a meisterschaft Exhaust system, which makes the V10 absolutely scream. A list of mods to this car include miestershaft gtc Exhaust, catless headers, turner motorsport software, turner motorsport pulleys, hr lower springs, and 21in BBS wheels. The combination of all those things create the most stunning M5 I have ever seen with about 570HP. Leave a comment letting me know how you like the car, wheels, and acceleration sound, and remember to subscribe for more insane car videos from the recent Greenwich Concours D'Elegance! Finally, thanks to Drew for the awesome experience, and for lighting up the tires at the end of the video :D

BMW E60 M5: Yes it's THAT Good
We take an in depth look at the BMW E60 M5. The driving experience is sublime, because of the 5.0L S85 V10 under the hood. Driving the car is a dream. It is one of BMW's all time greats. We hope you like, share, subscribe. Enjoy! 2016 BMW 328d Review: https://youtu.be/vnY1zp-ft7A Our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFOnGMVSmKwGsGsvUg0n3iw Check out my buddy's channel for motovlogs: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG9eyappVnPK8abGzzI69Jw

Tuner Wars at York Expo/Fairground... 7/18/2007

BMW M5 E60 - Virtual Reality
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