Drag Racing Magnum SRT8

Daylight video of Magnum Drag Racing

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Dodge Magnum R/T AWD vs Hot Rod
I Got Smoked on that one....

Magnum SRT-8 6-14-09 Run #4
4th DR pass, 12.971 @107.81 (redlight #3, these tires really hook!)

Cammed 2007 Dodge Magnum SRT8
Installed and tuned by ditos performance, Arrington Performance st-3a cam. Dyno jet numbers are 458RWHP @6000 RPM. Would've been closer to 470RWHP if taken to @6500 RPM. 438 RWTQ @ 4800 RPM.

Drag Race 2012 Evo X MR vs 2008 Dodge Magnum srt8
Evo has cold air intake and catback Exhaust. Magnum has intake, Exhaust, and headers.