06 Scion Tc Meagen Racing Exhaust (Drift Spec)

2006 Scion Tc Drift Spec Exhaust System along with megan racing header and downpipe.

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Vinyl Wrapping Interior of the Scion FRS/Toyota GT86
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Scion tC Megan Drift Spec catback
My tC and my megan catback.

Scion tC rs5 TRD Exhaust cold start-Rev-Drive By
scion tc TRD cold start, drive by's and then a Exhaust rev.

08 Scion Tc Megan Exhaust
I had some footy of the install so decided to throw sumthing 2geather with the homie. If your interested in buying this Exhaust def check out. I know my car is a/t no need in stating the obvious (haters) My car was my grad gift and I ain't gonna complain, im gonna appreciate what i have and make the best of it. Enjoi.