78 Chevy K10 K 10 Stepside Scotsdale 4x4

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1978 Chevrolet C10 Shortbox Stepside 4x4 Pickup - Ross's Valley Auto Sales - Boise, Idaho
This vehicle has been sold.

1977 Chevy Stepside
My son's first long drive (220 miles) 2 days after he got his drivers license. 2-10-12. He got the stepside mid 2010 and we did the body work and he and his stepdad did the engine / trans. 400 / 350T, 203 tcase. We will paint it during his spring break in March.

chevrolet scottsdale 10 stepside with stainless steel side pipes

78 chevy truck short box 4x4 for sale 1,000$
this truck is for sale in Rice Lake, WI