superchaged probe vs 4.6l mustang GT

he drops it into 4th and i stay in 5th at about 70mph probe at 6lbs of Boost Mustang has CAI

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1993 probe vs 1987 Toyota supra turbo
Video in the probe, had him till 78mph, then he started pulling on me on the downhill then constant after. Estimating 8cars?

Probe GT vs Camaro Z28
slow Camaro 305 vs fast ass probe lol

probe gt ze vs v6 mustang
probe gt has millenia ze full boltons..the Mustang took off befor i got on it, still had no chance even cheating

98.5 contour svt vs Ford probe gt
SVT has msds headers, y pipe, lsd,and K&N c.a.i GT has full intake, full Exhaust, pullies and tune