1987 Buick Grand National walk-around [HD 1080p]

1987 Buick Grand National

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Frank's "LOW-10-SECOND" 1987 Buick Turbo/Intercooled V6 Grand National!!! 4-8-2013
We were driving on this lovely hot "summer-like" day ... and this baby crossed the intersection! The owner is "Frank," and Frank's BEAUTIFUL 1987 Buick Grand National runs low-10's ALL-DAY-LONG. Hear it 'chirp" 2nd-gear! Frank had stopped coincidentally, as he cleared the intersection ... that's when I took the opportunity to beg him for some "video time." His Buick Grand National "sound" as good as it "looks" ... and hell; LOW-10'S SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES! Frank also informed me that he also owns a "GTO 455 PONTIAC" ... the pictures of it looks DEVASTATING (fantastic). I hope this Summer, I see him again ... with my Stage-1 Buick 455 Regal. BUICK TORQUE RULES!!!

850HP Silver Bullet - Buick Turbo-T Walk Around and Start Up
Walk around and start up of Buick turbo-T PT-88 4-bolt turbo 25psi, 4inch downpipe + Exhaust, 850 horsepower 1/4 mile in 8.80 at 156mph 3,345 lbs with driver

Smokem's Grand National with Flowmaster Super 44's
Flowmaster Super 44's installed to contrast with the Delta 40's

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