blastro again

BLASTRO , supercharged bad boy

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Blastro Astro at Rockers Bash_Zanesville Ohio - 8-31-15
Thanks John *Rocker* McMillen / Tire Service_ Great Time along with Car Show.

Chevy Astro burnout
'88 Astro, 355" V8, lot's of fun, watch my tail lights, I let off the brake after it starts moving, also ran 13.02ET in the 1/4mi. at Steele dragstrip after Posi-Trac rear was installed, does not have it in this clip,

EPIC!!!- Blastro Quarter Mile Burnout
Blastro Does an amazing burnout during staging. If you watch near the beginning one guy got a face full of hot Exhaust when the van revs up. It about blew the hat off his head. LOL Wrench Moran Facebook Hub- Tractor Pulling Facebook Hub- Rough Truck Facebook Hub- Wrench Moran Motorsports is now RPMArmy. Come check out the new site.

Blastro Final Race!!!