Turbo X - Media Drive Event in Boston

Vehicles leaving Herb Chambers Saab during the official Saab turbo X media event in Boston

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Saab 93 Turbo X quick drive
I fall in love with this car everytime I drive it. For people who hate Saab, drive one. I'm sure you'll change your mind.

Saab Turbo X!!!
Probably the first turbo X in the US sounding amazing!!!

Here is my second try. The song I used was a little long and I had to shorten it. Unfortunately I still have only Windows movie maker to do the sound and video editing. I will do a third video and I will try to use more calm music. It is tough because every time I think about this car I do not ever think about slow. Not with 280HP and 295LB-FT of torque on tap. What a car.

802hp Saab 9-3 AWD...
SpeedParts Saab 9-3 X4R 802 hp/775 Nm