Street Legal TV Editors Blog: Mopars at the Strip, A Dodge Omni to be Feared

Mopars at the Strip isn't about just V8's and massive power... it can be about the power to weight ratios as well. This little Dodge Omni outfitted by Shelby was keeping up with the heavy hitters almost breaking into the low 11's all weekend long.

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Street Legal TV Editors Blog: Mopars at the Strip, The Party at the Cannery
To celebrate a long day of racing, the Cannery Casino opened it's doors to the Mopar drivers and fans to put on a celebration! With live music, food, and a bitchen car show, we took advantage of the festivities to check out a few of the cars.

Street Legal TV Editors Blog: Mopars at the Strip, the Midway of Vendors
Spending the weekend in Las Vegas can end in broken marriages, drained bank accounts, or even jail time. Thankfully, spending the weekend at the Mopars at The Strip will render very different results...well, except for the drained bank account thing if you happen to be an impulse buyer.

Street Legal TV Editors Blog: Sox & Martin 'Cuda Tribute And Fundraiser at Mopars at the Strip
Of the many iconic names associated with vintage Mopar racing, there are few that are mentioned with more hallowed honor and respect than Mr. Ronnie Sox. The "hot shoe" pilot half of the venerable Sox & Martin Plymouth team, Ronnie was responsible for putting the '68 Hurst HEMI Barracudas in the record books.

Street Legal TV Editors Blog: Meet Dave Rockwell, One of The Ramchargers
Our weekend here at The Mopars at The Strip has proved a limitless well of great experiences and once-in-a-lifetime chances. We were lucky enough to meet and talk with one of the Ramchargers, Dr. Dave Rockwell.