2008 Infiniti M35 S Start Up, Quick Tour, & Rev With Exhaust View - 32K

2008 Infiniti M35 S This has a 3.5L V6 making 275 HP while paired to a 5 Speed auto. This is a nice car & the interior was comfortable & quality was decent enough overall. The biggest gripe I have with this year M35 is with the power the V6 which delivers only 275 HP. For such a large, heavy vehicle thats considered the flagship sedan in the Infiniti lineup, that power just doesn't cut it. If you want a 2008 M series sedan, best opt for the 4.5L v8 ( M45) which delivers strong power. Or go for the 2009 Model where the M35's V6 was tuned to deliver 303 HP & its paired to a 7 Speed auto.

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2008 Infiniti M35x

Обзор Infiniti M35X.
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2008 Infiniti M35 Start Up Demo
A basic engine start up off the lights demonstration and engine sound. Please Rate Comment Subscribe for more cool Videos thanks.