Accord start up F22B1

accord start up Link to the build

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VTEC Sound on F22B1 Accord
Exactly as the title says... People say you can't hear the VTEC kick in, its CLEARLY there to hear! It starts at about 4 grand and pulls me too 7500ish, VTEC BABAAAAYYYYYY!

F22b1 Accord VS H22A Accord
Just a friendly run between another H22A accord. I started from a roll in second gear at 40mph, right around 4k rpm. The video starts late but it was a fair three beeps. I pulled on him maybe a half car, then it evend up and ends up with him pulling on me. This was performed on a closed road.

f22b1 intake
just the short ram air intake on my accord on a cold start

Turbo 95 Accord 1st through 5th. 0-120mph.
Completely stock F22B1 with headstuds. 160k miles. Stock H23 trans with stage 5 clutch. Custom turbo setup with 57 trim turbo @ 15-16psi. AEM Water/methanol kit. Summit racing ignition box setup. 235/45/17 Kumho Ecsta ASX tires. Soft launch to avoid blowing tires off. No powershifting.