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Teaching Your Child To Stop Interrupting: M4 #1
Mom's Monday Morning Moment Learn an easy and very effective technique to teach your kids to stop interrupting you when you're talking. Make sure to like and subscribe for more great tips from Mom Coach Kirsten! Visit Kirsten's website

"Letters of the Alphabet" & More | ABC Toddler Collection, Kids 3D Songs, Learn Phonics Sounds
This Busy Beavers ABCs Compilation Teaches the Letters of the Alphabet & Phonics with Catchy Reggae Songs & Fun Games with Surprise Eggs for Kids. Children Learn also Colors, Shapes, Fruits & Veggies, Nursery Rhymes & More in this Colorful Island-Themed Video. Letters of the Alphabet (3D) 00:00 ABC Surprise Egg Opening (Green Egg, Letter "a") 03:02 Princess ABCs "Alphabet Mermaid" 03:46 Fruit & Vegetable Learning Game (Red Apple) 06:19 ABC Surprise Egg Opening (Blue Egg, Letter "b") 06:52 Brush Your Teeth 07:45 Busy Beavers from Amazon 10:06 Let's Make a Hot Dog 12:11 Alphabet Phonics Series Level 2 Upper Case "L" 13:19 Surprise Egg Opening (Yellow Egg) 15:00 Finger Family Sharks Reggae (3D) 15:45 The Alphabet Song (3D) 17:30 Island Fruits Groove (3D) 20:45 ABC Surprise Egg Opening (Purple Egg, Letter "c") 23:45 The Apple is Red (3D) 24:29 I Love to Sing the ABCs (3D) 26:31 Apples are Yummy (3D) 29:23 Chant the Alphabet (3D) 31:45 Fruit & Vegetable Learning Game (Yellow Banana) 34:08 The Orange is Orange 34:45 ABC Alphabet Phonics Song 37:01 Wheels on the Bus (Red Bus Version) 38:00 Animal Sounds Song 39:45 Fruit & Vegetable Learning Game (Green Celery) 42:18 Letters of the Alphabet 42:55 Family Song 45:58 The Bus is Pink (3D) 47:45 Kinder Surprise Maxi Opening (Grasshopper) 49:48 Island Shapes Groove (3D) 52:45 Alphabet Phonics Song (3D) 56:01 Red Bus Wait for Me (3D) 59:20 Alphabet Backwards 1:01:56 The Calendar Song 1:04:01 Fruit & Vegetable Learning Game (Orange Orange) 1:06:08 ABC Smooth Groove 1:07:00 ------------------------------------------------------ Click Here to Buy Busy Beavers Plush Toys from Amazon: ------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for Watching, Sharing & Commenting Subscribe for Fresh Uploads 3 Times a Week! Love this Video? Check Out Another! Busy Beavers have been an Internet Leader in Kids Education & Language Learning Since 2006. We Teach Children Around the World their ABCs, 123s, Colors, Shapes and Nursery Rhymes. Over 1.75 Billion Viewers proves that Kids LOVE Busy Beavers. ******** More Smash Hits ******** "Colors Collection" "Shapes Collection" "ABCs & 123s DVD" "Nursery School DVD" ******** Follow Us ******** Join our Facebook Page: ******** SHOP ******** Buy DVDs: ******** Download ******** Download the iPad - iPhone APP: Download the Android APP: Free MP3s of Our HITS! Work Sheets & Flash Cards Do Your Children Love to Sing Along with Nursery Rhymes? Wheels On The Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Old MacDonald Had A Farm & Lots More? Then Your Child will Love Busy Beavers. Does your Little Baby Love Princess Elsa from the Movie Frozen? How about the other Famous Princess Characters like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Little Mermaid, Ariel & Lots More? Then Your Child will Love Busy Beavers. Does Your Baby Love Big Trucks, Buses and Flying Vehicles? Toy Trucks, Toy Trains, Diggers, Fire Trucks, Fire Engines, Fire Men, Spaceships, Monster Trucks, Police Cars, Surprise Eggs, Race Cars, Garbage Trucks & Lego? Then Your Kid will Love Busy Beavers Parents of Babies and Toddlers use Busy Beavers Videos to Teach Basic English Vocabulary and Concepts. Kindergarten, English & ESL Teachers and Children with Autism, Asperger's or Learning Disabilities such as Delayed Speech have all found Busy Beavers Videos a Great Teaching Resource to Improve Young Learners' Development. Busy Beavers not only create Fantastic, Fun Children's Edutainment Videos that teach Counting, Colors, The Alphabet, Shapes and More, But Busy Beavers also has developed an entire English Language Learning System for Children whom English is not their first Language. Full Videos are Available on a Series of DVDs that we will ship to you anywhere in the world. Check Out our Online Shop to order yours. You can also access all of our great Learning Material by becoming a Paying Subscriber to our Website:

Super Candy Let's Fix it, Candy little repair expert, Education game for Kids
There, there! Candy is here! Wow, look at her. She's kind of a little repair expert who has a knack for fixing everything. The sweet child lives in an amazing town, a community full of happiness and love. You can smell that sweetness in the air every single day. But sometimes things happen that makes a lovely day bad. Oops, the fish tank is cracked. Oh, this the seesaw's broken body? Even Toby's space "vehicle" has fallen apart. But, it's no big deal. Super Candy always shows up at the right moment and gives all those items a second life. Got anything that needs to be fixed? Let this little wonder girl give it a magic touch! By Libii Games ➔ Quelle & App Download Link: ➔ Welcome to "Kids Games & Surprise Toys" !!! Here you will find the variation of most famous and interesting Video Games for kids, Kids Apps, Kids Apps news, Kids app games, Alphabets games, Lern Apps for kids, Educational apps for kids, Educational games for Kids, Fun Baby activities, Surprise eggs videos and Toys for Kids.Lets your Kids be surprised! Join in

Cavuto and 'Million Student March' Organizer Clash on Education, Free College
This year’s "Million Student March" took place Wednesday on college campuses across America. Activists called for tuition-free public college, the cancelation of all student debt, a $15 minimum wage for all campus workers and a divestment from private prisons by all colleges and universities. One of the organizers of the march, Darletta Scruggs, joined Neil Cavuto this afternoon, and things quickly got heated. Scruggs said that students are facing a crisis of debt, since the government no longer prioritizes quality, affordable education. She asserted that if there's money to invest in improving our country's nuclear arsenal or prison system, then there certainly is money to invest in education. Cavuto pointed out that the U.S. national debt is currently at $19 trillion, and her candidate of choice, Bernie Sanders, has admitted that these massive changes to the educational system can't be made without increasing taxes on both the wealthy and middle-class Americans. Scruggs said that it's important to not just raise taxes, but to see how that tax money is being spent. "We're spending our money on wars, we're spending our money on tax breaks for big, wealthy corporations," Scruggs said. "This system of capitalism has proven itself illegitimate, and it cannot provide basic things like education, shelter, health care."