Rilegal 2 - Fiat Bravo HGT & BMW e36 328i coupe burnout

Rilegal 2 - Fiat Bravo HGT & BMW e36 328i coupe burnout

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FIAT Bravo HGT 2.0 20v @ Ankara / Turkey (N/A 174 Bhp / 191 Nm)
98' Fiat Bravo 2.0 20v HGT (Mk1) 147 Bhp / 180Nm just turned in to the HGT-X ! Here are the mods... All Engine & GearBox mods done @ Ankara/Turkey - Colombo & Barianni camshafts - 3 Angled Seat Head Work - Intake / Exhaust Port Expansion & Polish - Treated Upper Cylinder Cover, Compression Ratio raised (11.5:1 approx.) - Direct Double Cold Air Intake with additional Air Duct on the left fender. - gear ratios changed; Shortened the differencial by (%-8.53) and added (%+2.85) up to the 5th gear. - Short Shifter - Full Custom , De-Cat Exhaust system with Wider Pipes - Dyno Chip-Tuned by "ONNO Usta" @ Istanbul Now you do the math; 173.4 Bhps, 2.0 20v 5 Cylinder Engine revving up to 7.500rpm (Cut-Off) with shorter gear ratios ! Got the Point ??? PS: Check out the 17's... (205/45/17) Now, add the %3.50 difference for stock the 15's (195/55/15) & reach the real output = 179 Bhp :)))

BMW E36 328i coupe
Nice E36 328i Cpupe. Sorry for the Text, its hungarian...:)

My New BMW 328i
This is a quick review of the new car I bought. It's a BMW 328i Coupe. Hope you guys like it. Enjoy! =D -Justin

fiat bravo 20v turbo - burn out
nice burn out, lot of burned tire