Ford Cortina MK3 GXL restoration Episode 49 PT 3A

trim fitting, trim alignment, panel gap alignment . Sorry about the delay we are back on with the restoration but on less days. We are coming close to being finished on the shell, perhaps by EP49 pt 6 we may be there, sorry about the sub sections but im planning part 50 to be the dipping video.

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SOUP - Classic Motoring E.15 // Cars & Coffee, Lotus Esprit S2, Ford Cortina, Range Rover Vogue
How many guys does it take to prep a Cortina for a ferry trip? One as it turns out. OK maybe two. Tina took a 900 mile hike through the UK on a quest for motoring knowledge. She has grown as a vehicle, we're very proud of her. Please like, subscribe and share. Thanks to Paul Gartlan and Vincent & Fiona Dullaghan for the aerial footage. Support SOUP, become a patron: Visit SOUP's sponsor: Cars & Coffee North East: Title and bed tracks by Geriko: Bed tracks by Conall Bailey:

Mk3 Cortina Resto - Project Ruby EP40
The final film of this 40 part restoration series. Final assembly and road testing of the car. Trim, chrome, propshaft, cruise control, Motorway testing, door assembly, its all covered. Thanks for all the support on this Project.

Ford Cortina MK3 GXL Restoration EP60 PT 3
Side trim re-fit begins.

Ford Cortina MK3 GXL Restoration Video Episode 49 PT4
construction of vehicle rotisserie, clean up of welds, A panel final repairs, Chassis front curve fabrication and repair