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1979 Datsun/Nissan 310 Hatchback FMVSS 301 Rear Impact (Fuel Integrity Test)

35 Mp/h and no fuel leakage. No dummy readings listed.


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Datsun 210 / Nissan Sunny | 1979 | Frontal Crash Test | NHTSA | CrashNet1
1979 Nissan Datsun 210 Vintage NHTSA footage Impact Speed: 35mph -- Thumbs up for the crash dummies! Do you think this vehicle is safe? Would you buy it? More crash tests every week. Favorite this video and subscribe to CrashNet1! http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ikea55

Nissan Datsun Pulsar / 310 / Cherry | 1980 | Frontal Crash Test | NHTSA | CrashNet1
1980 Nissan Datsun Pulsar / 310 / Cherry NHTSA Frontal Impact Test Thumbs up for the crash dummies! Do you think this vehicle is safe when compared to others in the same class? Please comment. More crash tests every week: Subscribe to CrashNet1! http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ikea55

2015 Datsun mi DO Sporty 5 Door Hatchback
2015 Datsun mi-DO Sporty 5 door Hatchback http://autoblackzone.com/ The Datsun mi-DO is a practical yet sporty five-door hatchback with a strong masculine appearance: modern, robust and confident. Among its stand out features are its "face" dominated by Datsun's confident "D-Cut" grille and which, in turn, is flanked by dramatically elongated projector headlamps that stretch virtually from grille to fender to create a look that differentiates sedan and hatchback at a glance. Although sharing the same wheelbase and front-wheel drive chassis layout as Datsun on-DO, Datsun mi-DO is shorter overall to emphasize its driving dynamics. Both cars sit on a 2,476mm wheelbase, are 1,500mm tall and 1,700mm wide, but the new Datsun mi-DO is 3,950mm long compared to the Datsun on-DO at 4,337mm. Datsun mi-DO is well equipped. Comfort and safety have been priorities. Every version will have a driver and passenger airbag as well as ABS. Standard equipment will include a winter pack with heated seats and door mirrors while special attention has been paid to ensure road, engine and wind noise is kept to a minimum. Power comes from an 87 hp version of Datsun's 1.6-liter 8V engine, while a four-speed automatic transmission is optionally available in place of the standard five speed manual transmission. All Datsun customers will benefit from market leading support. So far there are 25 dedicated Datsun dealers in key regions of the country with 75 more due over the next two years. Every car will be backed by a comprehensive three year/100 000 kms warranty. To ease purchasing options, Datsun is offering a unique credit program - Datsun Finance. "The Datsun concept of offering a new car from a foreign maker at a highly affordable price has struck a chord with Russian car buyers. Datsun might be a new name on the Russian market, but its impact will be felt for years to come. Rest assured we are totally committed to the Russian market: Our debut at MIAS marks just the beginning of the story," says Vincent Cobee, Global Head of Datsun. The names Datsun on-DO and Datsun mi-DO reflect the cars' international heritage, encompassing Japanese, English and Russian themes. DO is a Japanese word that means "moving" and also refers to a "way" of doing things. "On" is the Russian word for "he" while "mi" sounds to a Russian speaker like the English word "me" and personalizes the car. Put together in Russian, they underline the individuality and personality of both cars.

Datsun Nissan B310 Sunny 140Y Hatchback Coupe Liftback Autok
Datsun Nissan B310 Sunny 140Y Hatchback Coupe Liftback Autokhana Autocross Gymkhana

Datsun 310 GX
A tribute to my first car

Reveals 2015 New Datsun mi-DO Hatchback in Russia: Based on Lada Kalina
Nissan is slowly turning the old Datsun brand into its own version of Dacia with another budget car being launched today, this time aimed squarely at Russian consumers. Making its debut today at the Moscow International Motor Show, the Datsun mi-DO is a budget hatchback, the sister model to the on-DO sedan. The company describes this car as having a "strong masculine appearance: modern, robust and confident", although we think it's more like an a bad photoshop job. That's because the mi-Do is probably not an all-new car. Datsun's Russian models are not the same as the ones made in India, instead using Lada components. The on-DO sedan is based on 2012 Lada Granta, while this hatchback is based on the Kalina launched last September. You can clearly see this in the design of the B and C pillars, or the wing mirrors. The same 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine with 87 hp powers both Datsun models, although the newer one can be ordered not only with a manual, but also an automatic. Production will begin in December at the Togliatti factory, with sales to scheduled for January 2015. Pricing information will be announced at a later date. “The Datsun concept of offering a new car from a foreign maker at a highly affordable price has struck a chord with Russian car buyers,” said Vincent Cobee, Global Head of Datsun.

Crash Test
Crash Test Cadillac / Datsun/ In-Line Momentum

1977 Datsun B210 Hatchback

1978 Toyota Cressida Wagon 30 Mp/h NHTSA Frontal Impact
Driver-Passenger HIC 582-910 Chest G's 60-38 Performs relatively well for it's age

1978 Chevrolet Monza FMVSS 301 Rear Impact (Fuel Integrity Test)
30 Mp/h with fuel leakage. A fire is possible, but unlikely. No dummy readings listed.

1980 Renault 5/LeCar FMVSS 301 Rear Impact (Fuel Integrity Test)
35 Mp/h with excessive fuel leakage. A fire is possible. No dummy readings listed.

1978 Nissan 510 Crash Test
1978 Nissan 510 Crash Test

Howard's Datsun 210 Coupe
Short clip of Howard's Datsun back in the day. Gotta love the sound of side draft carbs.

Datsun 310 or Cherry with Cherry Bomb Exhaust
This is my Datsun 310 GX or Datsun Cherry GX (as known in the European market) with a 2" cherry bomb Exhaust... Engine is an A15 with a weber 32/36 DGV...electronic dizzy....pretty much rest is stock... Body - rear spoiler is metal, hand made...and also has a chin spoiler also metal hand made...custom rear bumper...custom rear hella tail lights...

1981 Datsun-Nissan A1500 engine. First start since 96.
This is the engine from a 1981 Datsun 310. The car was parked behind a friends garage 13 years ago, it actually had mature trees growing in front and behind it! The car is junk, but all we did was hook up a clean fuel supply, checked the oil, filled the radiator and it started right up with a jump start! No stumbling or misfiring! Couldn't bear to junk it. Hope someone needs it.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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