1979 Datsun/Nissan 310 Hatchback FMVSS 301 Rear Impact (Fuel Integrity Test)

35 Mp/h and no fuel leakage. No dummy readings listed.

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vw beetle and golf (rabbit) crash test
http://www.painteddesigns.nl Watch these 2 crash tests under similar conditions and wonder: if you were to choose: what car would do you prefer to drive, a beetle or a golf (rabbit)? Feel free to post your conclusion! I think the crash speed in this German ADAC test is approx. 50 km/h (30 miles/h). Music: Brad sucks - Making me nervous Wanna have the DVD 'Legend on wheels' this DVD packed with 90 minutes of high quality digitally remastered classic vw commercials? This DVD really brings you back to the '60s and '70s. Send an email to: beetlejuice150@hotmail.com

Datsun 310 GX ad from 1981
The Datsun brand name began changing over to Nissan in 1982, the year after this ad aired.

2006-2009 Volkswagen GTI (Golf) FMVSS 301 Rear Crash Test (50 Mph)
A 50 Mph, 70% overlap rear crash test. Result: Pass - No Fuel Leak. This is a test on the fuel system to ensure there is no fuel leakage in a high-speed rear-end collision. There is no instrumentation in the dummies.

1979 Datsun Cherry GL Coupe N10
1979 Datsun Cherry GL Coupe N10