Chip Foose zeichnet VW Golf 2 MK2 GTI VW Werbesport in den USA

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Ford Mustang Chip Foose style designsketch, Overhaulin’ style Copic marker sketch
Zeichnen lernen mit Fargus-Design. 1967 Ford Mustang Chip Foose style sketch. Material: Copic-marker

Overhaulin my sons 1992 VW Golf
When my son was deployed with NMCB-1 "Seabees" from May 2011 to February 2012 he left his car with me. I did a little more work on it than he was expecting. Rebuild the complete car for him when he returned. Its was a fun project to do for him. Thanks to all that helped and the online help from Pelican Parts, VW Vortex and MIVE!

Chip Foose Gives Personal Tour Of Foose Designs
It's hard to argue that there is a better builder and designer then Chip Foose. From OEM production cars to killer one of kind hot rods, he's designed it all and won just about every award on the planet. But his design and engineering doesn't stop at automotive. Over they years Chip has designed casinos, theme parks, bicycles and clothing lines. Our crew stopped by Foose Designs in Huntington Beach, CA to take a tour of the recently expanded Foose Design Headquarters. Thanks to BASF Refinish and 3M Collision Repair for arranging our tour, with Chip Foose.

Golf MK1 Overhaulin' 2012 Project
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kakanj Car owner and master chief: Mirza Helpers: Faris (Fare), Ermin (Germa), Haris (Akan), Emir "Bebac", Beno (Droga), Haris "Imso" Song: