Chip Foose zeichnet VW Golf 2 MK2 GTI VW Werbesport in den USA

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Ford Mustang Chip Foose style designsketch, Overhaulin’ style Copic marker sketch
Zeichnen lernen mit Fargus-Design. 1967 Ford Mustang Chip Foose style sketch. Material: Copic-marker

VW Golf 2 tuning
Film von VW Golf 2

Golf MK1 Overhaulin' 2012 Project
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kakanj Car owner and master chief: Mirza Helpers: Faris (Fare), Ermin (Germa), Haris (Akan), Emir "Bebac", Beno (Droga), Haris "Imso" Song:

Overhaulin my sons 1992 VW Golf
When my son was deployed with NMCB-1 "Seabees" from May 2011 to February 2012 he left his car with me. I did a little more work on it than he was expecting. Rebuild the complete car for him when he returned. Its was a fun project to do for him. Thanks to all that helped and the online help from Pelican Parts, VW Vortex and MIVE!