'82 Mercedes 300TDT First Start In 8 Years

Just bought two more of these wonderful cars. This one is a 1982 model, that sat behind a barn for 8-10 years. I'm going to use this one as a parts car, because the car is rusted beyond repair.

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1,4 Million KM Mercedes 300D Sat 7 Years
Was put away in 2003 because of rust and the engine was worn, it didn't start in the winters and it smoked real bad. It sat for 7 years another place, so it was moved to this place, but not started because we used a truck. Over the 7 years we lost the key for it, so I had to redneck wire the glowplugs and starter. Subscribe for more car and engine vids!

1976 Mercedes /8 First start in 12 years!
The mighty 200D sputters into life for the first time in 12 years! Altough it may be a bit too lively, since it has blown out a glowplug already lol For the short-tempered: 0:50

Mercedes W124. First cold start since 2004 and walk around. Erster Kaltstart seit fast 10 Jahren.
Update September 2015: Ich hab beschlossen ihn jetzt zu verkaufen. Für 1999.- Euro verkauf ich ihn. Bei Interesse bitte hier oder unter Email: Massahax@gmx.de melden. Mercedes W124. First cold start up since 2004 and walk around. Erster Kaltstart seit fast 10 Jahren und Aussen- und Innenraumaufnahmen. Ich war als Kind dabei, als meine Eltern den W124 E-Klasse im Mercedes-Werk in Stuttgart abgeholt haben. Mein Vater hat ihn 6 Jahre gefahren und dann verkauft. Ein Jahr später hab ich ihn bei einem Mercedeshändler gefunden und zurückgekauft. Ein wahnsinnig gutes Auto. Die ganze Zeit ist nur einmal das Relais der Benzinpumpe kaputt gewesen, sonst ist er immer gelaufen. 2004 hab ich ihn abgemeldet aber wollte ihn irgendwie nicht hergeben. Danke fürs anschauen und bitte Daumen nach oben wenns gefallen hat. Mit Canon DSLR EOS 500D aufgenommen. Von dem Auto ist ganz am Anfang nochmal ein Video in meinem Kanal.

How to start 45 year old Russian helicopter ? - 1969
How to start 45 year old Russian helicopter - Kamov is a Russian rotorcraft manufacturing company, founded by Nikolai Il'yich Kamov, who started building his first rotary-winged aircraft in 1929, together with N. K. Skrzhinskii. Up to the 1940s, they created many autogyros, including the TsAGI A-7-3, the only armed autogyro to see (limited) combat action. KaSkr-I Gyrocraft 1929 25 September 1929, the first Soviet autogyro, designed by Kamov and Skrzhinskii. Based on Cierva models named The Red Engineer. KaSkr-II Gyrocraft 1930 Re-engined KASKR-I with a Gnome-Rhone Titan engine. TsAGI A-7 1934 An autogyro primarily used for observation duties. Ka-8 Irkutyanin 1947 single seat helicopter Ka-9 Ka-10 1950 Single-seat observation helicopter. NATO reporting name Hat. Ka-11 small single-seat helicopter Ka-12 multi-purpose nine-seat helicopter Ka-14 light multipurpose helicopter Ka-15 1952 Two-seat utility helicopter. Nato reporting name Hen. Ka-18 1955 A Ka-15 with a large fuselage and a 280 hp Ivchenko AI-14VF engine. Could carry 4 passengers. 200 units built (approximately). NATO reporting name Hog. Ka-20 1958 Twin-engine antisubmarine helicopter prototype. NATO reporting name Harp. Ka-22 Vintokryl 1959 Experimental rotor-winged transport aircraft. NATO reporting name Hoop. Ka-52 Ka-25 1961 Naval helicopter. NATO reporting name Hormone. Ka-26 1965 Light utility helicopter. NATO reporting name Hoodlum. Ka-27 1974 Anti-submarine helicopter. NATO reporting name Helix. Ka-28 export version of Ka-27 Helix Ka-29 assault transport version of the Ka-27 Helix Ka-31 airborne early warning helicopter Ka-32 1974 anti-submarine helicopter Ka-34 heavy rotary-wing aircraft Ka-35 heavy jet-powered rotary-wing aircraft Ka-37 1993 An unmanned coaxial helicopter developed with Daewoo of South Korea initially designed for agricultural tasks. Performances are a max weight of 250 kg ( 50 payload ), speed of 110 km/h, and a flight duration about 45 minutes. Ka-40 1990s? anti-submarine helicopter (Replacement for the Ka-27. In development) Ka-50 "Black Shark" 1982 Single-seat attack helicopter. NATO reporting name Hokum. Ka-52 "Alligator" 1997 two seat attack helicopter and widely used model Ka-118 1980s-1990s A NOTAR development - light multirole helicopter Ka-126 1980s Light utility helicopter. NATO reporting name Hoodlum-B. Ka-128 light utility helicopter (one prototype only) Ka-60 Kasatka 1990s Transport/utility helicopter Ka-62 1990s civilian transport and utility helicopter Ka-64 Sky Horse 1990s naval transport and utility helicopter Ka-90 High-speed helicopter project. Ka-92 passenger helicopter Ka-137 1990s Unmanned drone/unmanned multipurpose helicopter Ka-115 Moskvichka 1990s light multi-purpose helicopter Ka-226 "Sergei" 1990s small, twin-engined utility helicopter V-50 1960s A high-speed assault helicopter project with tandem rotors. Cancelled. V-60 1980s A light scout and escort helicopter V-80 1970s A series of design studies for an attack helicopter (culminating in the Ka-50) V-100 1980s Twin-rotor combat helicopter project BIG VIDEO WALL - http://www.georgedominik.tumblr.com/ ▬▬▬▬▬ ★ MORE INTERESTING VIDEOS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdogZ8_zRbk&list=UUYH8swcp71EHt-88lkaMDTQ&fe ature=share ★ SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/GynuUU ★ Follow my Twitter: https://twitter.com/GeorgeDominik1 ★ Thanks For Watching ★ ★ Post comment , share and tell us what u think ★ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬