WX9DX Phased Verticals 40 meters

This is a short video on how well phased verticals work on 40 meters. I was in QSO with N2KOJ at the time. Any Questions please E-mail me I'm good on QRZ. Or ask N2KOJ about how he thought they were working that night. 73 Jimmy, ARRL TS, WX9DX

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40 Meter Phased Verticals: 03/20/2016
Testing elevated phased verticals W1ZY, southern Rhode Island 03/20/2016

40 Meter Phased Verticals-1/1
http://kq8rp.us I now have added a second vertical and phased them on 40 meters. Hope this video is helpful in getting your new vertical or phased verticals on the air.

Phased Vertical Test QSO with J69KZ
http://kq8rp.us QSO with J69KZ Lionel from St Lucia testing phased 40 meter verticals out.

40 Meter Phased Verticals: Testing F/B From 2 Locations
Testing F/B of 40 Meter phased verticals by listening to two receivers, one in Europe and another in the United States. Assisted by K9RM of Indiana.