- 2002 VW Jetta - Wheel Bearing

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VW wheel bearing replacement and bad bearing noise and sypmtoms
Please read ment-vw-symptoms-and-noises for my full notes, torque specs, and updates to this procedure. Any questions, please post on my forum, not the youtube comments since I don't read youtube comments.

FWD Wheel Hub Bearing Remove Press Install VW Golf HIGH DETAIL
Visit to get a tool like this. TF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B008CGWUDE&linkCode=as2&tag=httpww wyou00f-20 FWD Wheel Hub Bearing Remove Press Install VW Golf. Subject vehicle is a 2006 Volkwagon Golf 2.0.

VW A4: Front Wheel Bearing Replacement
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Front Wheel Bearing Replacement | MK4 Jetta Wolfsburg 1.8T Volkswagen | Not a DIY
I do not own any of this music. Music Credit goes to: 1. She's Lost Control by Joy Division 2. Hybrid Moment by Misfits Me swapping my front left wheel bearing using harbor freight kit (Front Wheel Bearing Adapter Item#66829) and impact gun. First time doing it this way and it works for me 8) Link to harbor freight kit. When I bought mine it was on sale for $79.99 USD and came with a black blow molded case. I've changed 3 bearings now and it payed for itself including the impact gun as far as paying a shop to do mine. Note! This is not a DIY. This is a video I made to practice and familiarize myself with film and Final Cut Pro 10. I am not responsible if you cause equipment damage or bodily injury, or even worse, however if you have any questions or better methods to do certain tasks simpler then post them up. I've done plenty of wheel bearing swaps before on the same spindle using a hydraulic press. Music Credit goes to: 1. She's Lost Control by Joy Division 2. Hybrid Moment by Misfits The sound may sound distorted especially the ending clip with the "air sound fx". Thats because my Sony AS100 was in it's watertight protective case. It sounds nowhere near from what you heard, for the last clip. Warning! Do not use NON IMPACT tools like I did. It is wrong and unsafe. The polished socket I used is an AutoZone socket I bought last minute. Luckily it did not break. I had bought 2 spare spindles from the junk yard and I practiced hammering out the wheel hub like I recorded in this video and also removed both junk wheel bearings using the same tools in this video prior to working on my car. Previously I was using the Craftsman impact gun that was rated at 200ft lbs and recently upgraded to this new version that is rated at 300ft lbs. Which is Awesome! And the new battery is Lithium-Ion instead of the cheap NiCad. Both batteries are 19.2 volts and are interchangeable between impact guns. Chargers are NOT interchangeable. Do not charge your Lithium battery on your NiCad charger or vice-versa. Music Credit goes to: 1. She's Lost Control by Joy Division 2. Hybrid Moment by Misfits *2016 update I finally replaced the front left spindle, actually i upgraded to 1.8T GLI front spindles and brakes with new wheel bearings on both sides and existing good wheel hubs.